Islamabad Excise & Taxation Department Has Started Issuing New Vehicle Identification Smartcards

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Gone are the days of old crusty paper book for your car’s registration book. The Excise and Taxation Department of Islamabad has started to issue new chip based (or ‘smartcard’) cards for the new registrants. According to Deputy Commissioner Mushtaq Ahmed, this is the first time a multi-security registration has been introduced to replace the current registration books.

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is collaborating with Excise and Taxation Department for this venture. The measure was proposed by Deputy Commissioner Mujahid Sherdil, who has in-charge before, back in January. It took the department 10 months to come up with the card.

Like your new national identity cards (smartcards), these new vehicle identification cards also contain a microchip that contains all sorts of information about the vehicle and the owner history. Although the chip contains the data in detail, you can see a brief vehicle and owner details printed on the card as well.

Deputy Commissioner Ahmed said:

“The basic objective of the project is to convert the decades-old system into a modern one, as is practiced internationally,”

Currently, around 850000 vehicles are registered with the excise department of Islamabad. The current vehicle owners with registration books can get their hands on the card for Rs 1450, if they so choose. And to show the vehicle has updated annual tokens, a sticker will be provided to display on the windshield of the car, just like you get tax disc in UK. The sticker shows the dates of the token expiry, along with the reg number of the vehicle.

The aim of the new system is to find and detain illegal cars on the roads with bogus papers. This new registration system is supposed to be uncheatable. In case you lose the card, you can file a report, and your card will be blocked, just like your mobile SIM card, and will raise a flag in case someone tries to use it.

What effects this new smart registration card will have on a common car buyer is yet to be seen, but if it helps law enforcement agencies catch those who drive their cars illegally, the step should be appreciated.

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  1. alfa_whsky says

    They should also introduce life time token system for under 1000 cc vehicles.

  2. alfa_whsky says

    BTW, any news when Punjab is adopting this model?

  3. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    They should introduce a token to prevent Suzuki from selling centuries old technology and body of their cars :p

  4. Guest says

    “seen”, not “scene” in “What effects this new smart registration card will have on a common car buyer is yet to be scene”.

  5. shaf says

    this card is available since ages in countries like Vietnam, laos, cambodia, thailand etc.. A good step but neither new nor innovative

  6. ysk says

    although not bad for Pakistan, the rest of the world is mulling over an app for that

  7. Shurjil Butt says

    Touche !

  8. Ghayyour says

    Can be lost very easily. People will start putting this card in their wallets. If it is replacement of Books, than books are more safe to carry.

  9. Kiani says

    well said…

    fine and ban paksuzuki if they dont replace models and offer safety features

  10. M. Mian Muavia says

    Its a good effort. People always giving references about Europe for
    systems but unfortunately when Pakistan start that system this awam
    starts criticizing. How many of you have lost their credit or debit
    cards or ID cards. Very appreciating effort by govt. At-last there will
    be less fraud. Good Work NS keep it up.

  11. QA says

    what if someone has lost a book which was an old one and now he wants this chip-based. will the new chip-card will have anything like “duplicate”? even if its, but will that affect the resale of the car??

  12. Omar says

    This is an important question , if any expert could reply on this

  13. MJQ says

    Its a very good effort in order to use technology and simplify things. This shows that the authorities are now adopting ways to facilitate public. At the same time, I would suggest the authorities to start looking for an option to integrate all this with CNIC rather than issuing separate chip based cards for everything we own. If someone owns multiple vehicles then he/ she needs to carry multiple cards, secondly CNIC is the only identity which cannot be duplicate, All of our systems should be integrated with NADRA database to keep track of all such things. It might be very early to ask for a development of such centralized system but the sooner we adopt the easier it will be to manage. Government should have a centralized database where a citizen’s all possessions like Vehicle, Property, Mobile Phone, Bank Accounts etc. should be aligned with CNIC. Last but not the least our CNIC is also chip based and this chip can store a lot more information than only storing the name and address of CNIC holder.

  14. Saqib Abbas says

    What about the token and how that will work?

  15. sahir says

    what is the procedure to renew smart card

  16. qadar says

    hi hello sir i want to ask a question from you guys …..i have car that modal is 2011 and registerd in 2012 i can make like this card for my car…..and plz give me some details for this card

  17. Mirza Junaid Javed Baig says

    can Excise SMART card be used as tracking device, incase car lost theft??? like we can locate lost mobile phone having SIM card in it????

  18. Bilal says

    Hi.How Can I Verify (smartcard) Vehicle Information by online ???

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