Islamabad Expressway suffering traffic issues despite ban on heavy traffic

Despite the ban on heavy traffic on entering the Islamabad Expressway during the peak hours, the traffic situation hasn’t changed much in the federal capital.

In a bid to solve the traffic issues on the 27-km long Islamabad Expressway, the authorities had banned the entry of heavy vehicles between 7 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 7 pm when the traffic flows in maximum number. Unfortunately, the problem is still there, and people are struggling to reach their destination in time. The ban on heavy vehicles in peak hours hasn’t been able to yield fruitful results. The traffic congestion is increasing tremendously in the federal capital and getting on the nerves of the commuters.

Islamabad Expressway is one of the busiest arteries which is experiencing routine traffic clogs and lacks implementation of a strategy from the local administration. According to an ITP traffic warden deputed at the Gulberg Bridge, the ban on heavy traffic during peak hours has not resolved the traffic congestion. The policemen stationed at the expressway have complained that there are insufficient resources to tackle the traffic-related issues on the main artery.

Note here that Islamabad Expressway connects 20-30 thousand population living in a number of societies in the surrounding areas including Bahria Town, Korang Town, Media Town, Naval Anchorage, Doctor Society, Police Foundation and Soan Garden. There is a need for reinforcement of more traffic wardens in these areas. According to an official of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), this particular route was also supposed to become a signal-free corridor by 2017. But, unfortunately, it hasn’t been the case so far, and the commuters are suffering from the same chronic traffic issues. There is an urgent need of signal-free corridor from Zero Point to Rawat, and according to the recently formulated plan, the four-lane road from Koral to Naval Anchorage will be turned into an 8-lane road network.

The authorities need to formulate a more effective plan to save the commuters from the hassle they are facing daily. It wastes a lot of time of the general public as well as burns more fuel while stuck in the traffic jams. The petroleum prices are already on the rise and hence making it tough for the citizens to stay patient.

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    But I have noticed that heavy traffic is still entering expressway between 5 to 7 pm

  • You forgot to mention the police check point at the entrance of Islamabad which is a major cause of congestion in the morning. Not sure why it exists after safe city project.