Locals of Islamabad and Pindi protest against cat eyes

A few days back, the citizens of twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, requested the authorities to remove cat eyes from roads, as they are harmful to the vehicles and increase security risk.

Around the globe, governments use rubber cat eyes to mark the lanes or to reflect the light at night, however, in Pakistan they are used as speed breakers which is not appropriate at all, locals asserted. Due to these cat eyes, people have suffered significant injuries, so the government should use rubber cat eyes instead of the ones made from steel, to ensure the safety of the citizens, a local said while talking to the media.


These steel studs are one of the leading causes tyres burst on roads, which lead to severe injuries, and that’s why they have been banned by the governments globally. People are also running social media campaigns in this regard to bring this important notice to the attention of the local authorities.

cat eyes road pakistan

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Commenting on the matter Capital Development Authority (CDA) Director Roads and Maintenance Abdul Fateh said that they had used these studs for public safety. However, the authority received harsh criticism and had halted the plan of installing studs on further roads.

Another high-level CDA official said that they had already submitted the plan of removing steel studs from roads and are waiting for financial assistance in this regard.


Aside from the locals of twin cities protesting against cat eyes, in Peshawar at the start of this year on the order of High Court, the authorities started removing steel studs from the province capital.

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Notable Replies

  1. I don't know which world you guys are talking about, but here (in Saudi Arabia) they also use these same types of cat eyes, steel ones, and I agree they rattle the car badly and my feelings even more : /

  2. I hate these ones, at Kashmir road karachi, there are four crossings, each crossing is provided with four rows of these very raised metal studs, if u ride a bike over them u can't pass these without losing balance even in a very low speed, talk about cars, all cars including alto to Corolla these cause rattling which feels like earth quake inside the car, they can't be legal at all..

  3. 2468 says:

    They are car killers, extremely harmful to tyres and rubber bushes

  4. enigma says:

    Nowadays social media is a great medium to form opinion or spread awareness, we see many fatal accidents at our motorways/highways and a major reason for tyre bursts which results in precious life loss.
    I would recommend you to utilise social media and make a Facebook page (also share fb page plonk here) people agree to what seems logical-a great change in our society.

  5. great and bold move by pindi boys. weshould aslo stand with them to ban them all over the country.make it viral and share on your profiles.

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