Islamabad Traffic Police Goes Unforgiving

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ITP (Islamabad Traffic Police) is following strict traffic rules and regulations and is showing no compassion for VIPs at all. In a recent press conference, Islamabad Traffic Police’s spokesperson said that in the last 6 months, 400 challan/tickets have been issued to VIPs who were caught in violation of traffic laws.

400 VIPs which included around 200 military officials, 14 high ranking PAF officials and 6 Navy officials. Moreover; MNAs, Senators, MPAs and federal and provincial ministers have been issued more than 110 challan/tickets in the past six months. No citizen is exempted from this law regardless of their position, he added.

The primary violation of traffic regulations by VIPs was the detachment of seat belts on driving seat as well as on the passenger seat. ITP has made it clear that whoever is found without a seat belt on the driving seat or on the passenger seat will be issued with a challan/ticket of Rs300 (which we think is so petty, that the desired results of this penalty won’t be ever achieved, challans should be so heavy that people fear them). This decision is strictly being implemented. As about a month ago: ex-CM of KPK, Akram Durrani had a severe clash with a traffic police constable for issuing him a challan/ticket for not wearing seat belt.

I believe that this is a great step by ITP to ensure road safety of passengers but before implementing this law to such an extent, ITP should put some signs in this regard on city’s entry points and other significant localities. People who have been fined for detachment of seat belts are strictly complaining for unfamiliarity with this law. There are few signs already installed on some localities like Jinnah Avenue and Agha khan road but they are not just enough and do not mention that violators will be fined.

Furthermore, this law should be strictly implemented countywide to ensure road safety of passengers as seat-belts and other precautions, genuinely saves lives and protect from injuries.


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  1. Sajjad says

    Very good news.

  2. Haroon Tahir says

    there are lots of signs here and there for law against passenger seat belt, its just they try to find an excuse….i mean if seatbelt was installed in car, it is supposed to be worn, whats the big deal in that

  3. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    "we were not familiar with the law", even if there ain't a law somewhere or it isn't practiced strictly still its your own safety, you were wrong so stop complaining.

  4. Nabeel Shk says

    They should be more strict. It's Pakistan we all learn only when there are harsh implications, fines imposed and car papers are confiscated. Rash drivers whether on a Land Cruiser or Mehran they are a danger for people around them. Motorbikes 99% of them think that they can crawl through any hole. And what is it to be said about the Taxi Drivers cant really say anything about them as driving in a straight line is an alien concept to them.. Rules are there for a reason we should try to respect them rather than following those animals who don't.

  5. Waleed Irfan says

    ye Islamabad Traffic police ka Law bas Blue Area tak he mehdood hey .. I8 kay signal pe ja kar daeknay ka itefaak ho tu ghoor farmayee adi say ziada garyoon kay drivers nay belt he utaarde hoti hain hahahhahaha

  6. Ahmed Sajjad Zaidi says

    It's insulting. Imagine an all powerful senator, landowner or brigadier who spends his day ordering people around, having to strap him/herself in for fear of a simple constable.

    What use is money and power if you can't be above the law?

  7. Amer Iqbal says

    Ahmed Sajjad Zaidi do you seriously believe in what you just said above?

  8. Ahmed Sajjad Zaidi says

    Amer Iqbal do you seriously believe I'd be posting it here if I did?

  9. Amer Iqbal says

    I was certainly hoping not….. thats why I asked….
    To be honest, now-a-days there are lots of people around us in our country who actually think like this and are bold enough to acknowledge it, may be not on facebook but otherwise.

  10. Amir Iftikhar Warraich says

    I commend the role of ITP, but their performance against seat belts is almost only based between F-8 and F-7 area, few spots on Islamabad highway from ca. Kaghan Road to Margalla Road …

  11. Anzak Aleem says

    Penelty should be consistant, not necessarily severe. And its world-wide law to wear seat belt. Who on earth does not know that?

  12. Vishal Preetam says

    in my opinion making the challan fee a tad bit higher wont do much good just make it a a bit annoying
    answer this would u find more annoying
    being stopped once and fined 2-3 thousand rupees or being stopped at every other signal and being fined 300rs
    id go with the latter one 😛

  13. Faisal Jawad says

    Sorry guyz i have a bit diff opinion on these tickets … First dont forget that ITP gets a certain percentage on each ticket which in my opinion is a complete conflict of interest … They now plan and trap u so that u make a mistake and then they issue u a ticket … Through out my life i onle got two tickets bt last one month i got three tickets … I am some one who follow tragic rules strictly so alwayz wear seatbelt etc … Bt my experience is very bad wit ITP particularly during last two months …

  14. Ahmed Fraz Abbasi says

    done gr8 job

  15. Asif Khawaja says

    bravo for ITP. it needs to be enforced for other cities too

  16. Asif Khawaja says

    Ahmed Sajjad Zaidi question is of your own life saving and obeying rules, not your status and not fear of any official

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