Italian Aprilia Bike Relaunched in Pakistan 

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Ravi Automobiles has relaunched the Italian bike brand, Aprilia, in Pakistan. The Lahore-based company is bringing Aprilia RS 6600 for the local bike lovers. It is pertinent to mention that this bike has been launched internationally in 2020. 

In 2018, Ravi launched the same brand, and it remained in the market till mid-2019. 

Booking of Aprilia RS 660:

According to the company, the booking of the bike has already been closed. The last date of booking was November 21, 2020. As per our source, the company has booked a significant number of bikes. This number will make a major impact on the local market.

Moreover, the company will open new bookings around February-March 2021.


As per company sources, the buyers will get their bikes in March 2021.    

Price of Aprilia RS 660: 

The introductory price of the bike is Rs 20-lacs. Furthermore, the company will deliver the bike at this price without adding any more taxes. 

Features of Aprilia RS 660: 

These are the salient features of this bike.


The bike comes with 659cc 4-stroke engine. It has liquid-cooled with water-oil radiator and heat exchanger, double overhead camshafts (DOHC) with a silent chain on the right side.  The bike has four valves per cylinder.

Max Power and Torque: 

The bike produces maximum 100hp at 10500 rpm, along with 67Nm at 8500 RPM.

Gear Transmission and Clutch. 

The company has installed 6 gears with Aprilia Quick Shift (AQS) up and down. Furthermore, the bike has a multi-plate wet clutch with mechanical slip system. 

Frame of Aprilia RS 660: 

The frame of the bike is made of aluminum dual beam chassis with removable seat support subframe. 

Braking System: 

On the front, the bike has ABS with a double disc of 320mm diameter. Meanwhile, the rear tire has 220mm disc of Brembo caliper.   


We think that Aprilia RS 660 will be an exciting addition in Pakistan. The bike lovers will have an excellent option for a smooth ride. We are looking forward to this new machine on the local roads. Pakistani bike market has been dominated by three major companies, i.e., Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, but with these new arrivals, consumers will have more options, which will surely increase the competition. 

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