Toyota Offers THESE New Optional Upgrades in Yaris

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Toyota Indus Motors has offered new optional updates for the  Yaris 1.3L ATIV variants. The company is offering a Rear-View Camera and High-Grade Audio in the car. Earlier, IMC was offering these options only in 1.5L ATIV X variants.

According to a notification by the company, the consumers, who own the car, have to pay Rs59,999 for these upgrades. Meanwhile, the buyers who want to book Yaris 1.3L ATIV with these upgrades need to pay Rs. 66,000 extra over the car’s standard price.

It is pertinent to mention that the price of 1.3L ATIV manual is Rs2.6million, while the cost of CVT is Rs2.8million.

Yaris options

Yaris Oversells Honda City/Civic: 

Yaris has seen a great response by the buyers, as it has outsold Honda Civic and City combined in last two months. According to the recent report of PAMA, Toyota sold 3,058 units of this car previous month, as compared to 1,858 of Civic and City.

Furthermore, Yaris has also shown higher sales than Civic and City during the ongoing year fiscal Year. The report stated that 9,067 new units of Yaris hit the road, while 8,341 vehicles of City and Civic have left the dealerships. The higher sales of Yaris are the major reason in the immense hike in Toyota sales, as the company recorded 120% jump Year on Year basis. 

IMC launched Yaris in March this year, but couldn’t sale the car due to COVID-19 lockdown. After the government lifted restrictions, the vehicle has seen a steady rise in sales. The Sedan has proved to be a massive hit for IMC.

It will be interesting to see whether the costumers will pay an extra price for these options or not. Both the options, especially back-view camera, are vital parts for a good driving experience and safety. 

Share your thoughts about these upgrades in the comments section. 

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