It’s Official: Pak Suzuki to Launch Wagon R on April 18

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We were the first to report about Pak Suzuki shutting down Suzuki Alto’s production and breaking the news that the company will instead launch Wagon R. The version which Pak Suzuki will introduce wasn’t clear however until a few months ago when Suzuki Indonesia began exporting Karimun Wagon R to Pakistan for testing purposes so Pak Suzuki can eventually assemble and launch the car here.

Suzuki Dealers have confirmed to The News that Pak Suzuki is all set to launch Wagon R G2 by April 18, 2014.

While the details remain scarce about price and other things, speaking to The News, research analysts say that the 1,000cc Wagon R is expected to be priced around 8,00,000 rupees to 10,00,000 rupees.

There’s only one small new car which is available since the past three decades in Pakistan and ever since Alto left production, the small cars options for majority of buyers just finished. Though imported used provided relief because big companies felt like there was no demand of small cars in Pakistan

However, analysts say that the new car small car launch will help Pak Suzuki significantly improve its margins due to lack of small cars after Suzuki Alto and Daihatsu Cuore‘s production stopped and also due to the recent strengthening of rupee against US Dollar and Japanese Yen.

Apart from the fact that analysts are already estimating major appreciation in Pak Suzuki’s earnings, the details about the car remains scarce except the fact that it is 1000cc model and is the Indonesian version called Karimun Wagon R which is fully loaded car with options ranging from dual airbags to GPS, etc.

Here’s our detail report on the Karimun Wagon R.

Harga-Mobil-Suzuki-Karimun-Wagon-R-2013 60-40-rearh5z Suzuki_Karimun_Wagon_R_Indonesia_8 IMG_5948

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  1. Agha Mohsin says

    It should be around 6 to 7lakhs max , very compact car i must say very compact …

  2. Muhammad Hashim says

    looks crap

  3. Ali Iftikhar says

    Pakistan ke liye ruj ke koji gariyan nikaalo…

  4. Murtaza Farooq says

    Where is the AC option on dashboard !!

  5. Awai'x Bhatti says

    Epic Ugliness

  6. Syed Turab Haider Kazmi says

    hahaha well said bro…!

  7. Hassaan Zia says

    why not automatic?

  8. Tayyab Shahbaz says

    lanatt haii waiseeeeee khataraaa gaari nikal rhay hain kameneeee

  9. Muhammad Faid says

    Jasi b ha lakin alto se better ha, silver aur white color ma luking wise nd it has more space and fuel-efficient than alto

  10. Muhammad Faid says

    Unh ko pata ha wo jo launch karda ga..Pakistani khreed lai ga

  11. Kaiser Hyder says

    Whatever options it comes with, but the fact to face…… will remain as ugly……

  12. Amaar Ali says

    Its also very uncomfortable , just like carry dabba

  13. Majid Fastener Master says

    Imported car should be welcome but from another way not stamp it like Toyota & Suzuki

  14. Tahir Muhammad says

    very less space

  15. Mohsin Jawwad Sarwar says

    Keeping in view the soaring fuel prices the Pak Suzuki has decided to remove AC option, now you just have to rely on fan. 🙂

  16. Muhammad Maqbool says

    Its just like Honda Life.

  17. Zeeshan Ali says

    Any update about it price

  18. Anonymous says

    Reminds us of the child-hood story : –


  19. Mj Li says

    Vechile is better if it comes with the same indonesian & indian specification like with an automatic transmission, air bags, abs brakes, power staring & windows, navigation…etc……

  20. Mehboob Kazmi says

    Looks ugly… Totally crazy

  21. Mahmood Rahman says

    Can't be worse than the Mehran. Good riddance to the worst car in the world.

  22. Anonymous says

    wow beautiful, amazing, great, so cute.

  23. Rehan Malik says

    it is not 6 to 7 lac its more expensive.

  24. Rehan Malik says

    ye sab jo itni costly cars ke rate haan sirf hamre mulk main hi haan.

  25. Anonymous says

    No, its Honda Wife . Hehehehheheheheh

  26. Anonymous says

    What would u say about mehran's price ?

  27. Fahad Khan says

    y not buy a vitz instead.. its Toyota…!!!!

  28. Andra Febrian says

    The last picture is mine btw. It’s in my blog

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