James Bond will ride a Honda motorcycle in the next film


Marketingweek.co.uk reports that Honda has partnered with James Bond’s film makers to have Bond, James Bond ride a Honda motorcycle in the next series.

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Many automakers have resorted to movies for marketing and advertising their vehicles. Audi marketed its cars in the first two Iron Man movies and in the next Iron Man, Acura is the prime transporter of Tony Stark while General Motors used Transformers to advertise its vehicles.

This new effort on part of Honda is a four month long marketing campaign which will begin a month before the release of the next James Bond movie and continue till three months after its release.

It will include social media, PR and experiential activity designed to “engage and make everyone feel a part of it”.

Mr. Bond will be performing a ton of physics and logic defying stunts on the Honda CRF250R bike (pictured above) which will be made to look like a locally made Turkish bike.

Experiential activity will include a regional tour that will give consumers the “rare” opportunity to see and touch two of the bikes used in the film.

However, Pakistanis shouldn’t expect to get to touch it even though we’re one of the largest market for Honda motorcycles.

Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.