Jan’21 Car Sales: Suzuki Tops The Chart Followed By Toyota And Kia

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At the beginning of 2021, we anticipated that this would be a big year for the local auto industry, and we were right. The Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has released the car sales report for January 2021. The PAMA report shows that January has been sweet on all auto manufacturers. Here are the details.

Year-on-Year Car Sales in January 2021

As per PAMA report, Pakistani auto industry sold a total of 17,515 car units in January 2021. Compared to the sales figure for last month (Dec 2020), month-on-month car sales increased by 26%.

Compared to the sales figure for last year (Jan 2020), year-on-year car sales grew by 46%. If we add January sales of KIA, a non-member of PAMA, year-on-year sales growth goes up to 67%. 

Pak Suzuki Motors made a surprising comeback and won the sales lead with 9,013 cars in Jan 2021. Compared to 5,564 cars sold in Jan 2020, the company saw YoY growth of 62%. 

Toyota Indus Motors came second with 5,452 car sales in Jan 2021. Compared to 4,009 cars sold in Jan 2020, the company saw YoY growth of 36%. 

Kia Motors outperformed Honda and came third with 2,500 cars sold in Jan 2021.

Honda Atlas, one of the Big 3 companies in Pakistan, came 4th this year with 2,450 car sales in Jan 2021. Compared to its 2,207 sales in Jan 2020, the company also had the least year-on-year growth of 11%. 

Lastly, Hyundai Nishat maintained the sales figures of Dec 2020 and sold 515 cars during Jan 2021. No gain, no loss.  

Passenger Car Sales

In the passenger cars segment, Toyota Yaris remained the best-selling car with almost 3,000 units sold in Jan 2021. Toyota Corolla, on the other hand, lost half its sales (56%). Only 1,525 Corollas left the showroom in Jan 2021; the number was 3,445 in Jan 2020.

Honda sold 2,063 units of City and Civic, 10% more than the 1,878 units sold in Jan 2020. Suzuki sold 364 Swift units in Jan 2021. Compared to 144 units sold in Jan 2020, the number grew by 153%.

SUVs and Jeeps

SUVs and Jeeps won the interest of 1,199 people in Jan 2021 than only 482 in Jan 2020. The comparison of two numbers shows YoY sales growth of 149%.

Among SUVs, Toyota Fortuner remained the pick of most Pakistanis in Jan 2021, 419 to be exact. Compared to the number of 150 units sold in Jan 2020, Fortuner year-on-year sales grew by 180%. 393 Pakistanis bought Hyundai Tucson in Jan 2021, while 387 chose Honda BR-V during the same month.

Trucks and Buses

For the trucks and buses segment, there was an 18% decrease in YoY sales. 363 units sold in Jan 2021 up against 444 units sold in Jan 2020.


Tractors were a hit last month, as their YoY sales showed a 135% hike — 5,209 units sold in Jan 2021 vs 2,213 in Jan 2020.


Pick-up rides also saw a 28% growth in YoY sales numbers. 1,773 consumers bought pick-up cars in Jan 2021 as compared to 1,387 buyers in Jan 2020.


Overall 162,564 two-wheelers and three-wheelers were sold in Jan 2021, against 142,445 units sold in Jan 2020. That means a growth factor of 14%

Month-on-Month Car Sales

For the most part, the MoM car sales grew in Jan 2021. Suzuki Swift topped the MoM sales chart with 392% growth. Toyota Yaris scored 108% sales hike, followed by 40% sales hike of Suzuki Wagon R, 35% for Honda Civic and City, and 30% for Hyundai Tucson and Suzuki Alto

Toyota Corolla and Suzuki Cultus saw a decline in their MoM sales, -15% and -23% respectively. 

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