Japanese automakers interested to shift their plants from Thailand to Pakistan

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After floods in Thailand, production of parts was halted for a while to many regions in the world as Thailand serves as major parts exporter for Japanese automakers. If you may remember, Indus Motors and Atlas Honda, both had to stall their production due to unavailability of parts serving a major blow to operations.

In the light of all that, Japanese automakers began surveying other parts of the world where labor is cheap and in great numbers and there is not a lot of disruption in production. Toyota has already jumped up its investment in India to make it self-sufficient and be able to cater to other regions as well.

“When the floods affected production in Thailand, we stepped up exports of components to our other Asian facilities from India. Revenues from component exports consequently doubled to Rs 229 crore over our initial estimates of Rs 112 crore last year. Apart from de-risking business, exports helps in countering the impact of adverse forex fluctuations”, said an executive with Honda Cars India (HCI).

Now, Japanese ambassador to Pakistan has said that many big Japanese auto-industries investors were seriously planning to shift their units to Pakistan from Thailand due to heavy floods.

The only reason the Japanese investors keep pulling out is the energy and security crisis.

Pakistan is a resource rich country, but lacks technology and expertise whereas Japan is a resource scarce country, but it is technologically advanced, thus Pakistan and Japan could benefit a lot with mutual cooperation in areas like energy, mining, agriculture, trade and investment.

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  1. Umar Rajput says

    tm be chup lo aam akey jo hum chup re han.

  2. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    mehran ka engine tak tu buna nhe sake hum loog abi tak n giant japanese manufacturers idher apne plant shift kere ge woh bi thailand se , kahe yeh wohi joke tu nhe he jese last gov me suna tha k mercedez ka plant lagne wala he pakistan me , lol.

  3. Tahir Usman says

    Jis kisam kai harami iss mulkpoar hakoomat kar rahay hainnn kuch nahi honay laga.Security and electricity asides.Pathetic lot we are.SHAME!

  4. Vladimir Black says

    A news that puts a smile on your face and then bitchslaps you so hard that your teeth pop out.

  5. Tahir Usman says

    Correct Vladimir! And this I'll disciplined pathetic lot deserve what they get!

  6. Khurram Shahzad Sheikh says

    All this is possible if just we get rid of USA backed terrorism and corrupt politicians.

  7. Muhammed Ahmed Shoaib says

    All good things come to those who wait I guess.

  8. Mohsin Wazir Malik says

    Wishful thinking……….for Democratic Pakistan.
    Vietnam is nearby.

  9. Vladimir Black says

    wait.. a generation.
    No joke, mean that seriously.

  10. Ali Salman says

    upcoming generation is useles.. they are just interested in sex phone calls and girlfriends

  11. Ali Asad says

    when they shift

  12. Lillian Rae says

    It sounds like just a joke because Japanese automakers have many other good options as compare to Pakistan.
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  13. Eng Akhtar Muneer says

    V good news we our govt should facilitate foregnersto come here and resolve energy matter also corruption

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