The Honda we need right now, but not the one we deserve

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There is a dearth of cars for car buyers in Pakistan, and local auto assemblers have shown utter disregard towards the needs of many even though their own sales have seen a sharp decline. Despite seeing which imported cars have gain most traction amongst buyers, auto assemblers have reacted to the contrary which is beyond our level of comprehension; they (will) began assembling Toyota Hilux and Fortuner.

Cars such as Honda Fit, Toyota Vitz and Passo have seen massive demand amongst car buyers, although resale plays a vital role in a buyer’s decision making process, people turned a blind eye towards resale and bought these imported cars.

The reasons are simple and even a kindergartner would tell those reasons which are; a) they have superior quality, b) are very well equipped and, c) offer the best value for money.

Since the day these auto assemblers began assembling cars in Pakistan, their portfolios have never expanded. They’ve been assembling City, Civic, Corolla and Corolla since forever.

Automakers around the world study markets and forecast demands to make the most of the times and trends that are to come instead, Pakistani auto assemblers lobbied with government to terminate any potential competition that may come even though the competition came from the very cars they themselves have made in different parts of the world.

So why Fortuner and Hilux when it can be observed by a naked eye and doesn’t even need any quantifiable data to ascertain that Passo and Vitz are in more demand then the other two.

Government purchasing is one answer. In any country, government purchasing is in huge and is reliable, so manufacturing Hilux was not such a bad idea as government’s demand is massive but Fortuner isn’t! And so, the needs of the few have outweighed the needs of the many.

India is a far bigger market then Pakistan, there’s just no comparison between the two but the sort of cars that have been made available in India are exactly what’s been lacking in Pakistan and therefore, imported cars have gained considerable ground against local assembling.

Toyota Etios, Honda Jazz, Fit, Yaris, SX4 and the list goes on and on but the car that has taken our attention recently isn’t a looker by any means but 20 KMPL mileage from a 1.2 liter petrol iVTEC while the 1.5 liter iDTEC diesel gives out — impressive 22-24 KMPL — a trunk, good room in the cabin and sized liked Toyota Platz and Belta but is cheaper then both of them, is exactly what we need.

For just 890,000 Indian Rupees, it is the Honda Amaze. A sedan version of the Honda Brio but I wouldn’t call it amazing for it looks but it is amazing as it is a tool for a mediocre family and a tool to bring out Atlas Honda from all its troubles.

The mileage alone beats Mehran which costs around a ridiculous 7 lacs PKR.

After introducing the 2013 Honda Civic, Atlas Honda had a good amount of inventory of the older Civics left so after the launch, they introduced a special low price to clear off their inventory of the old Civic.

Civic’s demand has seen a decline and rightly so, the car isn’t worth 2.1 million rupees by any stretch of the imagination and given the current predicament economic conditions, Civic isn’t what we (many) need, we need the Honda Amaze available to us below the 1 million rupee mark and Atlas Honda just might be able to come out of all its financial woes.

The cars that importers brought in Pakistan were mostly Honda or Toyota made and go in any part of the world, imported cars are expensive than locally assembled or produced cars except in Pakistan, where selfish auto assemblers pursue their own interests and sell poorly equipped cars for double the price of imported cars come in for and they lobby with government to improve their financial sheets yet they still in decay and it is not surprising as all of them failed to see the needs of the many.

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  1. Mian Qavi says

    its also lunched in india what are our Altas honds waiting for.

  2. Farqaleet Abbas says

    good written…

  3. Muhammad Hamza Niazi says


  4. Arooj Fatima says


  5. Imran Naqvi says

    890k inr is how much pkr?
    how can we declare below 1m pkr mark?

  6. Talha Malik says

    This car looks pretty.

  7. ALi Haider Malik says

    well said,..

  8. Shahab Nasir says

    i wud agree to the overall point of the blog here. you have mentioned that the brio amaze is for 890,000 INR, which in my opinion is ridiculous amount of money for a brio, equivalent to nearly 17 lac rs. just recheck if that was meant to be the PKR price. secondly Honda Civic sales have never been this higher if you do a month over month comparison over the last decade of civic sales. in Oct-Nov,12 alone Honda Atlas sold over 1700 civic's against 190 Toyota Altis sold ny Indus in the same period. and about 1250 civic's in Oct-Nov,11. 🙂 but yes we need smaller cars; cars that more people can afford.

  9. Shahzad Ejaz says

    Rude shape.. and its expansive.

  10. Talha Malik says

    We need smaller affordable cars, Honda and Corolla needs to provide more variety as being offered in foreign countries. The day, government decides to open the import of second hand cars, then everyone will have an access to much better quality at dirt cheap price and all these local manufacturers will be out of business. This is the only way to keep a check on price and quality being offered here.

  11. Haider Rauf says

    the car is good but the front is close to ground this car will not be appreciated by pakistanis.

  12. Shahzeb Subzwari says

    good car

  13. Shahzeb Subzwari says

    the shape is ok and will be popular in the market soon if they launch it with an affordable price…

  14. Muhammad Usman says

    I agree with the blog. Our only problem is monopoly of three companies in Pakistan, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki.

  15. Tanveer Ahmed Khan says

    why are you getting shy to clearly mention that govt. gets bribed by local car manufacturers and amends policies at their benefit not for people of Pakistan?

  16. Sheheryar Khan says

    The difference between Indian Rupee & Paki currency is almost double so convert it & the price will be as same as current Honda City has.. 😉

  17. Khurram Shahzad Sheikh says

    I can bet if this car comes to Pakistan it will be rejected bcoz of its shape and as pointed before 890,000 Indian is around 17-18 lac PKR.. how can u call it a budget car? And yes Vitz is hot here but only 4-5 year older models not the latest ones as they are expensive, and cost around 15 Lac Plus.. so one can spend 10-11 Lac on Vitz but not 15 Lac,, in that case one would definitely go for other choices like suzuki swift and honda city.. And the reason for decline in sales of locally assembled is mainly bcoz of sluggish economy and low spending power.. not bcoz of lack of choices, Paki's are happy with civic city and corolla…………..

  18. Akhtar Mir says


  19. Salman Saleh says

    Convert Indian 890000 RS into Pakistani currency !
    you get 1538498.50 Pakistani Rupees !
    So why not add 1 lac more and get a Xli or gli ! or a honda city !

  20. Syed Maroof Akbar says

    Strange how the most popular and favorite automotive website can let these write ups published under its belt. Anyways, this price tag is way too high in currency exchange. Considering the fact that India has large reserves of steel and one of the largest steel mill infrastructure in Asia, the price is too too high. Converting the price into Pakistani currency the price would be quite high. The difference between the automotive industry of Pakistan and India can't be compared, not only due to the magnitude of the two different markets but also the available resources, market blend, consumer priorities and choices are all different. Having worked for automotive market research department for quite some time, I can easily say that Honda India is capable of selling Honda Civic for 1 Million India Rupees.

  21. Bilal Ahmed says
    this car starts with 532200 indian rupees

  22. Bilal Ahmed says
    this car starts with 532200 indian rupees and corolla starts with 1.1 million

  23. Bilal Ahmed says
    price of amaze starts with 532200

  24. Salman Saleh says

    If the car costs 500000 ! Then that would be nice !

  25. Shahid Mehmood says

    if u talk about the steel reserves, there is not a single element of steel in Japan, but yet it produces massive cars, so keep ur facts to u, and check the link bilal ahmed shared and then comment anything

  26. Shahid Mehmood says

    u should go through the link and comment

  27. Abdul Akbar says

    some one said here " pakis are happy with local honda and toyota " he should be punished first.

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