JW Forland – All Sold Out

Due to CPEC and economic growth, Pakistan commercial vehicle segment is also geared up for enhancing production and sales and many new players are entering to take advantage. A few months earlier, a new player entered Pakistan’s automotive segment by the name of JW Forland. The company has been reaching out to the audience through PakWheels.com and other social media forums to introduce its range of commercial vehicles.

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I saw an article on PakWheels, where it said JW Forland aims to revolutionize the commercial automotive sector of Pakistan. Being an automobile enthusiast, I looked up JW Forland’s pages on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and there has been a significant buzz on the platforms.


Curiously, I went through their social media pages to look at their vehicles. I have to admit that I was impressed by the products on the show and the kind of exciting features that are offered. What was more impressive was the interest people have shown in their vehicles. Going through the comments section, it’s easy to see the brand has been successful in stirring the pot with its range of vehicles. I want to mention a bit about how JW Forland has been going about their business. They began by advertising their Bravo 1 truck: a one-ton loading capacity vehicle, that the brand claims, is set to challenge some of the established names such as Suzuki Ravi and Shehzore. It’s not hard to see why the vehicle has made people sit up and take notice. An 1800 CC diesel engine at an affordable price of Rs. 850,000 was sure to turn heads.

After asking fellow automobile enthusiasts, I was pleasantly surprised to know that the response has been astonishing. If rumours are to be believed, JW Forland has sold out 50 Bravo 1 trucks that were initially imported. That’s not all. There are also reports that their other vehicles, such as the Bravo 3 & Bravo 7.5 have been sold out as well. I think if these reports are true, it appears that JW Forland has achieved its goal of making people sit up and take notice. The fact that their trucks have been sold out shows that the commercial automotive market in Pakistan is ripe for the taking & JW Forland is here to seriously challenge Suzuki, Fuso Canter, FAW, Isuzu etc. In my opinion, the arrival of JW Forland will increase competition and provide an alternative for customers who in turn are getting quality products at affordable prices.


If you ask me, I think that JW Forland is serious about making the right noises. This brings us to the following question: When will the company bring in more vehicles? Once again there seem to be reports that the next consignment is set to arrive in March this year and local production is said to start in 2018. I think with the start of local manufacturing, JW Forland will be able to cater to the needs and demands of the market.

My personal opinion is that this is a great sign for Pakistan’s automotive sector as it will promote and invite healthy competition in a segment that has previously been on the sidelines. I wish JW Forland all the success in future. Here’s to positive competition that is sure to help Pakistan’s economic growth and development.

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