Updated: Karachi Gets 16 Billion Rupees Budget For Metro Bus Greenline While Isl-Pindi Was Built In 50 Billion Rupees

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UPDATED: Today, details from the budget have started pouring alongside Isl-Pindi Metro Bus inauguration which will serve as many as 150,000 commuters daily through 68 buses while each bus will only take 50 minutes to complete its tour around the 28 km long track.

However, out of the first few details revealed by news channels, Samaa just reported that Karachi gets a 16 billion rupees budget to build the green line metro bus project over. It is quite pitiful because the need to have a sustainable, Lahore and Islamabad like mass transit system is much needed to ease the pressure on traffic over here because it takes as long as 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach office in the morning.

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Meanwhile, Sharjeel Memon just announced free WiFi for Karachiites. You can now pass your time stuck in traffic or when you’re waiting for the overcrowded buses run by the transport mafia.

The project completion deadline is set for December 2016.

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  1. Syed Zuhair Khalid says

    baber bro chill

  2. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    Karachiites should step up and say Thank You to Federal for it. Karachi needs the revival of Circular Railway and a dedicated Bus Feeder Network around it. If we are going to Mass Transit then we want to go modern all the way and go for Mustafa Kamal’s plan of the B.O.T based Metro Rail/Subways.

  3. Usama Abdul Malik says

    These 16 billion will be given by Federal as a gift where as the remaining amount will be given by Sindh gov & Bahria foundation also has shares in this project…

  4. Zarrukh Shah says

    They Should spend these funds reviving the circular railway rather than on green lane, infrastructure for the circular railway is already there

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