Karachi has effectively put North Waziristan to shame

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Come night fall this city is mine, dressed up in darkness anywhere you go. The plague of indiscriminate violence paints the streets red with innocent blood. Calls for retaliation against the terrorists arrived from a political party instead of the folks under oath to protect the civilians.

Roof-tops swarmed with terrorists equipped with automatic artillery shooting at the streets where once we dreamed to see Lamborghinis – revving mindlessly echoing the sounds that brought everyone out on the streets rather hide foodless in their dark homes, just to survive the massacre.

But if the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail and that’s probably how the terrorists are seeing the solution to their problems. They are still identified as unidentified gunmen, so you obviously cannot negotiate with them neither you should – because they have called on violence against anyone they tend to dislike.

The worse incident to be reported was the shooting on a bus full of passengers from whom many perished for crimes they commit followed by news reporting people fleeing their homes to find refuge in their relatives’ homes.

Friday afternoon, I walked to the mosque to offer jumma prayers where khutba had background music of constant gun-fire however; the mosque was full like it is on Sundays though.

The attack on PNS Mehran was a tragedy however the time taken to mount a response against the terrorists was zero actually. Whole Shara-e-Faisal was locked down, Army troops from Malir Cantt arrived and Navy and Army helicopters took their flight within minutes.

But it took them 4 days to reach a conclusion (not action) while the terrorist continued to grow scores of dead people from roof tops and security forces couldn’t mount a helicopter against them. Why do I feel that those deceased Orion planes were more valuable than me?

A political solution against ruthless murderers isn’t the solution, even if armed forces mounted a operation against the murderers of innocent Pakistanis, I doubt any Political party would come forward to claim their coffins. A response plan should be devised so it doesn’t take four to five days for armed forces to reach a decision, because by then, the murderers would have already left by themselves.

FC called into Karachi, Rangers are impotent (then could you please relieve the tax payers of this burden?) and Police, well you know. Oh! By the time FC arrives or any action as an outcome of the long meeting is implemented, the terrorists will be long into hibernation mode by then. But order to kill gunmen at sight (as if there is room to discuss with weapons hot terrorist normally) and Rehman Malik have arrived.

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