Karachi traffic police bans music in cars

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Metro One TV which is sort of regional news, specifically Karachi is reporting that Karachi Traffic Police has begun its campaign against music in cars. All vehicle owners are asked to get rid of their music systems as they are now banned from the system.

The channel reports that although Karachi Traffic Police IG is not saying that this is done on pressure of threats from Taliban, but channel says that the ban on music system in vehicles is the very first demand of the Taliban to be accepted and carried out by the Government.

We are still trying to find some more sources with this news to verify the news credibility, if you have any knowledge or source of such a ban, please share with us.

If if is indeed authentic, then this is first step towards stone-age as the people with whom government should really talk and hold them within Pakistan like doctors, mathematicians, physicists, educationists, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, etc etc are leaving.

Here are the screen grabs from the 9 o’ clock bulletin.

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  1. Kamaal K. Lalany says

    Music Ban in Karachi. Self-Proclaimed-Gods have arrived to Dictate! Height of Intolerance. #Taliban

  2. Kamaal K. Lalany says

    Hina Siddiqui Zainab Kamaal Lalany

  3. Tariq Arshad says

    Its not true as nothing is present on websites of news channels including metro news.

  4. Kifayatullah says

    it's ppp government how can this be possible at one side sindh festival and at other side banning car music that would be very stupid

  5. Rafay Aly says

    i heard on some other channel only in public transport

  6. Rabeel Ch says

    میرے خیال میں یہ پابندی صرف پبلک ٹرانپورٹ پہ لگی ہے

  7. Rabeel Ch says

    خبر تو ہے فرق صرف اتنا ہے کہ پبلک ٹرانپورٹ سے اتارنے کا کہا ہے پرایویٹ کاروں سے نہین

  8. Syed Masood Ahmed says

    Wah Allah ka koi darr nhi, darr to talibaan say hai in ko.

  9. Shahid Mehmood says

    so no more stereo in Stock Mehran again 😉

    PakSuzuki ko ek or bahana mil jaye ga, Cultus n Mehran se stereo utarnay ka :p

  10. Farooq Ahmed says

    Agreed @Syed Masood Ahmed … there are many authentic Hadiths on music but we still don't want to stop or even ignore 🙁

  11. Kawish Iqbal says

    lol what the hell fuck wrong with these fucking taliban???? i beg to government please kill these motherfuckers otherwise they gonna fuck your mother.

    taliban bitch :@

  12. Sher Ali Arbab says

    If its true then this country is not even worth discussing.

  13. Zuzu Ahmed says

    How about radio to listen news?

  14. Sinjuin Sinclair Grostate says

    soon no cars or bikes.. only cycles and gadha gari's lol….

  15. Omair Shahid says

    this news is not confirmed

  16. Blue Pervaz R says

    kal ko engine nikalnay ka oRdeR bhi de dena…
    kabhi Gas band, kabhi signal auR ab music bhi… 😮
    Sans bhi kyon lenay de Rahay ho bhai? :/

  17. Umair Ashraf says


  18. أسامة عمر فاروق says

    a ye sab galiyan hain

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