Karachi’s Plaza Auto Parts Market Scams People to Pay A Lot More For Things They Didn’t Need

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One of the two biggest markets of auto parts in Karachi is the Plaza market, the other being Shershah which has succumbed to the negative security situation of Karachi however, Plaza is the most accessible auto parts market in Karachi and people who buy their car parts themselves have visited this market at least once in their lifetime. This market provides car parts of all kinds: From the cheapest parts to the most expensive imported ones which you may not be able to find at most shops in Karachi. However, the market is now a victim of a group of frauds who look for people they can easily fool and earn thousands of rupees in return.

Following are the threads on Pakwheels Forum where people shared their experience, which happened recently to as far back as 2004. It seems that it is been happening for a long time and the market association or the police has done nothing to act on this.

hello mates guys kal ma plaza market gaya tha jo sadar karachi ma hai, acutually mujhay apna front screen glass change karwana tha to wahan jana must tha
asal ma howa ye kah jab ma glass purchase karnay gaya to peechay say kafi log meri gari ki cheezain khol kar mujh say pochay baghair change karnay lag gaye khair on sab ko bari mushkil say hataya and after that jab ma glass fit karwa raha tha to aik larka meray peechay saray door ki rubber hata kar os par silicon tape laganay lag gaya or ye kam os nay 10 mint ma karlia lia or meray samnay akar kahnay laga 320 feet silicon lagi hai jo 60 rupay per feet hai or ap kay 16000 rupay hogaye kahan ma 5k ka glass change karwanay aya tha or meray kal 23k lag gaye and wo ghunda gardi kar rahay thay or ma akela tha is liye mujhay paisay dainay paray 100 rupay ki silicon kay 16000 guys plz wahan janay say pahlay ap log bhi soch laina mera to nuqsan hogaya kisi or ka na ho

Do Not Go To Plaza Auto Market

This was another type of incident from 2004:

today i went at plaza for tinting my khyber ghalti ye hoi k tariq road chala jata
bhotni walo nay kaha ye bhi karwa lo ye bhi … so on and on sirf 400 500 ki chezo ka RS.20,000. bata diya sirf ruber ka laganay ka i was stuned i said k kon bhai itnay paisay lay kar ghomta hai i caled my uncle plus his frnd he’s in military police my uncle came and asked k kitna foot lagai he said 305ft
my uncle said k acha zara mesure wapis say karna to pata chala k 205ft ek aur ghapla, thn whn uncle’s frnd came he easily said k chor yaar kyu itni tension lay raha hai 420 k case may band karwa daitay hai
he started looking at him as he’s gona eat him khair masla hal karwa diya jis dukandaar ka maal use liya os ko hi paisay diay
aur bakio ko kuch nahi mila.
so guys wah say koi kaam na karwao
thoray paisay ziyada day kar sahi aur acha kaam karwa lo but not at that plaza in ki waja say dosro ki rozi bhi mario jati hai

Fraud At Plaza

A lot of people may have been a victim of this kind of fraud but a few of them posted it on forums and social media. One of those people shared his story on quite recently on Facebook who went to plaza to get a job done on his car and they charged him double, compared to the amount of material they applied.

When you try to argue with them, they pressurize you. If something like this ever happens to you, stay calm and call someone for help. These are roadside workers. If you want to get the job done, buy the parts from a good dealer and ask him to designate people to work on your car and never leave your car unattended as well because these people will bully you in to.

Umer Haroon just wrote his story of the fraud that happened with his uncle in August 2015, and it just opened up a barrage of similar experience by countless of people, all being the victim of this kind of fraud.

We have shared a few screenshots with you.




You can check out the 174 responses that the post gathered, all of them either shared their own experience or said something like ‘this is normal’, if this is normal, then it is the responsibility of the association of the legal business owners of Plaza to watch out for the unsuspecting customers because what happened to Shershah, can also happen to Plaza and if this goes on, people would just quit going there eventually.



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  1. Adnan says

    very true…. happened with me too… but i managed to slap on their faces… but one thing i noticed that i purchase every part from the shop keeper.. and they always use to say “DONT WORK OUT FROM THE ROAD SIDE WORKERS” he always says i will give to reasonable person who can fix your car…

    do one thing always… NEVER EVER let road side workers try to touch your CAR… if they so… call the person who can stop the work immediately… or you will have to pay for it….

  2. Kamil Mahmood says

    Happened with me at Jauhar Chowrangi’s auto market too. This sleazy denter tried charging me 850rs for some very small task and got my power window switch repaired without my permission. I bargained and paid 550 to him but his work was poor. His name is Adil and he repairs door locks and windows. There are so many cheaters in our country. Kidhar jaen aur kidhar na jaen?

  3. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Against my better judgement I had the rubber blades of the windshield wipers replaced by a street vendor for Rs200. After using them for a few days on the days its rained, I noticed that the windshield was getting scratched as the rubber blades had become hard. Later I replaced the wiper set for only Rs120.

  4. rkk says

    Its better to go to a mechanic you trust and tell him to go buy the parts for you. I always do this since i know i am too naive to be talking to these typical pakistani roadside idiots. Even in lahore things happen on montgomery road, maybe not of this intensity but similar. They try to convince you to change things on ur car its very annoying. I would rather visit a very good mechanic i know or go to toyota to get the car fixed.

  5. Fareed Khan says

    Salam Everyone,
    After reading all the posts. I would like to say that I always went to the plaza auto part markets to buy car accessories,mechanical parts etc. till now. But i had never face such types of incidents because of true instructions from my people.Basically Karachi Plaza auto parts is a jungle of bastards but u have to calm when you go there. I would like to give only my advise to all that kindly don’t ever trapped in street workers which they always attacks like a dog. Walk by yourself in the market, search whatever you need and bargaining by yourself with proper shopkeepers.Remember don’t ever go to plaza alone because car parking is one of the major issue. I hope this will help you in future.Thank you!!!
    Fareed Khan.

  6. trax says

    you should be chewing paan and wearing dirty clothes and spitting everywhere with jumbled hair and you should have a couple of thug looking types accompanying you if you want the street workers to work on your car 🙂 I am sure they will not want to work on your car if you look like this….neither will anyone else:D

  7. Lazy Sapper says

    Happened to me on Montgomery road last year and wasted 5000 rupees extras on some parts which I actually did not need desperately. Now I have learnt, use harsh tone if any of these chimpanzees come near to you on this road.

  8. Lazy Sapper says

    I won’t stop and move my hand and “chand” the guy.

  9. Lazy Sapper says

    One better way to buy from such places is not to go on your car. Buy required parts from there and fit them from a workshop you can trust.

  10. Muhammad says

    I’m from the auto parts market in plaza and let me be very clear here none of the shop has anything to do with this. Yes , the goons are here because of a lack of market association. There is none at plaza and if there exist its incapable of doing anything. The police of preedy are involved and there is nothing the market can do about it if anyone from the general public get scammed by these thugs. They not only have political backings but also police are involved in this however in reality they will never do anything to you physically only threaten you. Call 1101 rangers helpline if matters escalate.

    Make it a general rule that whenever you visit plaza or any other market never talk to anyone who are running after your car. No matter how good it sounds , no shop keeper will post his men outside to do his business its always fraud. If you cannot trust the shop keepers then you are mistaken because those that you send here to get your stuff we know what they buy and what they sell you. Plaza is for the customers and when you deal with third parties you are not buying authentic product but are being cheated. Coming back to the point , park your car or walk in straight to the shop where your business is. Don’t listen , don’t nod or even pay heed to the problem following or Coming after you. Buy your goods from wherever in plaza and go straight back to your car or take shop keeper advise for fitting. Those who are waiting to rob you are not your servants who will go and purchase stuff for you they are waiting to rob you at will so be careful. Nothing to be scared of if you are walking straight in shops. You roam outside inquiring about what you need only then are you calling out to them to scam you.

    Lastly if you are caught In their net then there is nothing anyone can do. Just pass it off without paying anything. Be confident and don’t hesitate. Don’t let them control you , they will not touch you physically but will threaten you with everything.

    Please don’t let such articles or stories scare you off. We are here for the customers but don’t fool yourself into thinking the shop keepers are scammers. None at plaza are , look around browse what you need and buy from wherever but just don’t trust anyone who is roaming outside the shops. Together inshAllah we can beat this menace and hopefully someday we will rid ourselves of them.

    Please spread this around and let everyone read this. Plaza is as safe as anywhere else unless you start trusting others for what you should be doing yourself.

  11. Salman says

    I want to share my experience over the Shahrah-e-Faisal. If your car stop working on the Shahrah-e-Faisal, a guy (forget the name) come to you over the bike. And will start helping you without your permission. He will check plug, water, radiator and oil etc. Actually what he does, he silently remove one of your plug or any parts from your car, and pout that into his bag. After some time, he says your car this part is not working and open his bag and bring the same parts and sell it to you. He did this to me when it was around 10 PM. I was new into car driving, he remove my circuits and then sell the same to me for 2000 rupees. I came to know this reality on the very next day.

  12. Adil Akh says

    Good advices…JazaakAllah!

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