Nissan Considering To Makes Its Comeback In Pakistan Soon!

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Nissan Motors Japan has been contemplating to relaunch the Nissan and Datsun brand in Pakistan once again. Nissan plans to gain 10-15 % of the Pakistani car market share in the next two years with a sales target of around 50,000 vehicles per year. Nissan motors is currently in talks with Ghandhara Nissan Ltd (GNL) in Karachi, which is legally allowed to distribute and sell Nissan vehicles in Pakistan, to discuss various aspects like product specification, price positioning as well as expected market growth.

“GNL is in process of finalising with Nissan Motor Japan for the necessary preparation to start production of Nissan and Datsun initially.Efforts are underway to initially assemble two brands at the company’s existing production facilities for which the company is expanding production capacity and investing in jigs, fixtures and tooling etc” said Senior Executive Director Marketing and Sales, GNL, Muazzam Pervaiz Khan

Gandhara Nissan Ltd. is expected to receive an investment of about Rupees 2 Billion to boost the infrastructure required for manufacturing the vehicles that exists in Nissan’s global portfolio. This would help create a number of jobs in automotive industry as well while the production is expected to start around late 2016 to early 2017.

Much of their planned success depends on the up and coming  auto policy for the next five years in Pakistan so we will have to wait and see how this pans out.

Story: DAWN

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  1. Zain says

    I would like to see the Leaf here actually.

  2. Hasanain Qureshi says

    There are quite a few ‘problems’ with that actually..
    1) Nissan Leaf is a fully electric car, only batteries – no petrol, gas or diesel. Charging time is over 12 hours and real life range only 100km per full charge – or 2 hours of driving at 50 km/h.
    2) There is hardly any electric in Pakistan anyway, with overnight loadshedding of 4-6 hrs you would only get 50km range overnight.
    3) In UK and similar markets, the Leaf price is more than £20,000 after the government discount of £5000. At a similar price in Pakistan that translates to 25000 x 150 = PKR 37.5 lacs (as there’s no discount offered by Pakistan Govt.) For a car size of suzuki swift, that’s extremely expensive.
    4) The Nissan Leaf batteries are not owned once you purchase the vehicle, they remain property of Nissan and you need to pay monthly rent for the batteries which in UK is currently about £100/month. That translates to another PKR 15000/- per month charge on top of the daily battery charging costs on WAPDA electric or Generator costs for only driving 100km/day (if lucky.)
    5) There are currently NO mechanics in Pakistan with the skill and professional know how to repair a Leaf in case of any mishap.

  3. aliqadri says

    and they will go after 2 to 3 years of selling their poorly sold vehicles once again – making their customers ‘orphans’

  4. Aatif Chaudhry says

    Dear author, do you know what 15% share means and demands?
    What was Nissan’s share 8-10 years ago?

  5. Soomro says

    Wonderfull information Brother.

  6. Akhtar Hussain says

    Waiting for Nissan automobiles in paksitan..such a good news for Nissan cars lovers

  7. Mustafa says

    Thats one ugly car!…

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