These Are The Faces Of Cars In Pakistan

There has been pictures doing rounds on the internet of what cars’ faces look like as humanly possible. They were mostly high-end performance cars which majority of Pakistanis have mostly seen on the internet and never in real life so we got down to the drawing board to draw the faces of the ordinary cars that we daily drive here.

The choices were simple for us, and the faces were even easy to draw.

Car Faces

I am a visual communications artist, I use arts and visual content to tell automotive stories to people.

  • Abdullah

    cool…..Honda city?????

  • Syed Muzamil Ali

    Great! Make one for the Passo 2015 please, It looks cute from the front.

  • Asad Khaliq

    Like it. very creative. make one for Reborn plz.

  • Haris Ahmed Dahar

    Mehran looks like Adolf Hitler with half mustache, while Cultus looks like Cheshire Cat.