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When it comes to booking and driving your favorite Kia, who wants to wait! With the current lockdown in place, Kia’s Power to Surprise, and Macca Motors’ tradition of always going the extra mile, waiting to buy and drive your favorite Kia vehicle is a thing unknown in the given circumstances.

Presenting Kia Motors Macca Book-from-Home campaign…  An industry first that lets you make your Kia booking while you stay at home, comfortable and safe. Like never before… the process is simple, safe, and secure. It is a commendable idea that takes the automobile industry forward by putting futuristic global trends in place. 

The Simple Process:

  1. Fill out the inquiry form through the Macca Motors Facebook page or just call 0315-2302345.
  2. You will receive the e-brochures, comparisons, or any other guidance needed.
  3. Email your CNIC and the booking cheque (in favor of Kia Lucky Motors Pakistan limited) to [email protected]
  4. A Macca Motors representative will send you booking confirmation after receiving the deposit slip from you*.

The best part about booking your Kia right away will be to skip the waiting period during this lockdown. If you wait until markets open again, it will add a lot of days to the delivery of your Kia vehicle after the lockdown. So go ahead… and make a timely decision to get your Kia without the additional wait**. The current Kia lineup includes Picanto (998cc compact hatchback), Sportage (2000cc, Panoramic sunroof featured SUV), and Grand Carnival (the super elegant MPV). 

About Macca Motors:

Over three decades of serving you, honestly, sincerely, and professionally makes Macca Motors a very distinct stop for all your Kia Sales, Services, and other needs. Macca Motors is known for its long-term relationships based on trust and transparency. A professional and proven team of sales, state-of-the-art workshop, and a skilled working crew make Kia Motors Macca your trusted partner for your automobile purchase and maintenance needs.

Click here for the online booking form:

Feel free to reach them, and stay in touch at or call +92315-2302345 for any further assistance you may need. Happy Driving Kia!

*Standard terms and conditions apply. 

** Delivery will be given as per tentative delivery given by Kia Lucky Motors Pakistan Limited.

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