KIA Picanto 2019 Walk-around – Take a look!

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Hi, viewers today we have finally brought the walkaround of Kia Picanto 2019. The booking of this car has started so read this detailed walkaround to know more.

Exterior Design

In terms of design, first, the front houses the signature Tiger nose grill and secondly this car has huge headlamps at the front. They are halogen headlamps and not projector-beam ones seen in the international models. You also notice the DRL lights in the place of fog lights in the front bumper. Coming to the side profile, this car has a very aerodynamic and sleek design. Additionally, this car also has very pronounced accent curves across the body. Moving on to tyres Picanto is equipped with 14-inch steel wheels with wheel caps. You can also have alloy rims as an option too.

Just like the front, the rear of this is also very beautiful and compact, and just like its headlamps, the rear taillights are also huge in dimensions. On the rear bumper, there are light reflectors fused along with reverse light on the bottom. One unique feature this car has over other local made cars is the presence of rear glass wiper assisted by a water shower.

Boot space

The boot space of this KIA is quite reasonable and has a boot separator present as standard. Under the boot, you will find a first aid kit and a space-saver spare wheel. Along with the very nicely organized toolkit. The wheel is fine attention to detail since most new cars come with an electric air pump and no spare wheel.

Interior & Equipment

The hatchback comes with a very beautiful looking jack knife key, and you can both lock and unlock the car from it. Before we go into the interior of Picanto, we would like to mention the presence of the security alarm, which comes standard as well. The interior of the car is very classy. The car houses a power window option in all four doors. Another excellent feature of the Picanto is its electric heated side mirrors which can automatically defrost in the winter season. Moreover, it has ample legroom and headroom in the front. Similarly, the headroom in the rear is good, however, I am a bit skeptical about the leg space at the rear of the vehicle.

Coming to the dashboard design, we can see a silver trim across the cabin, which really elevated the look. While a decent size illuminated storage compartment is also present. It is also mandatory to mention that KIA’s interior is of very high quality to the point that it’s very superior to anything in the market right now in the 1000cc category. In terms of safety, the car comes with dual airbags at the front. KIA Picanto is equipped with an international safety standard known as ISO Child Fix. It’s not offered in any of the locally produced hatchbacks in Pakistan.

Now let’s talk about the seats of this car which are made up of fabric material and are very ergonomic. You will feel very comfortable while sitting on them; however, for our final verdict, we have to try the car on the road first.

Moving onto the rear seats, the first thing you notice is the presence of three seat belts for the safety of rear passengers as well as two Isofix points for child seats, which is once again a very neat feature in this category of car in Pakistan. People who always have extra luggage to carry will be glad to know the rear seats are 60-40 split which you can fold down in order to increase the boot capacity in the Picanto. All five seats come with adjustable headrests which adds to the comfort experience while traveling and once again a novelty in 1000cc cars.

On starting the engine, you can’t help but notice its smoothness. The speedometer of this car can be controlled by the steering wheel-mounted media controls. This is the first 1000cc car in Pakistan which comes with a tilting steering wheel and a height-adjustable driver seat. Nevertheless, the driver can easily adjust the height according to the needs and preferences. Coming to the air conditioning of this car, we found it to be very effective.

For music lovers, Picanto comes with an in-dash audio system which has the facility of Aux, USB as well as Bluetooth.  Moving on, Picanto comes with a 4-speaker audio system which is also a common yet welcome feature in this category. Under the dashboard, we have a USB charging port along with two 12-volt power outlets for charging your devices.

Transmission, Engine, and Assembly

Kia Picanto is also the first car in Pakistan which comes with a fully automatic 4-speed transmission previously we had automated manual transmission cars like the Suzuki Alto and Suzuki Cultus. Picanto comes fitted with a decent 1000cc 3-cylinder MPI engine making 69hp. This is a CKD unit meaning everything used to build the Kia Picanto is imported and of very high quality. The only locally made thing installed in this vehicle is the battery, tyres and the audio unit.

Booking and Price

The booking of this car is now open across all 14 dealerships present in Pakistan. KIA is also offering a 4-year or 100,000 KM warranty. In terms of pricing, the manual variant of Picanto is priced at PKR 1.9 million, whereas the price of the automatic variant is set around PKR 2.0 million. Interested buyers can book this car at half price while the delivery will commence from October 2019.

Thank you so much for reading. We will soon release a full hands-on review of this car. So stay tuned to Pakwheels.

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  1. MTA says

    Thanks – great walk around / review – very informative – I enjoyed watching.
    I’m impressed with the quality & features of the Picanto.
    Couple of minor points:
    – electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors – would be useful to have retractable / folding function i.e. reduce risk of damage
    – wheelbase a little bit shorter than Cultus and therefore less rear legroom, but margin is small.
    – personally, I’m not a fan of DRL – hope they can be switched off?
    – Picanto would be even more competitive if price was approx. 1 lakh lower i.e. match the Cultus, but obviously the Picanto is CKD therefore higher costs and also it has more features and better quality.
    Wishing Kia / Lucky Motors every success !!

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