Lamborghini Aventador Limo might be the worst limo you’ll ever see

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Should you choose to accept the offer, the guys at ‘CARS FOR STARS’ will build you a Lamborghini Aventador Limo. So far, gladly, they haven’t found a sponsor to pay them money so they can build this Limo which will not be a road-going car, not because of regulations but obviously bros, you can see why.

Lamborghinis and Ferraris have always had this problem now known as ‘road-hugging’, because they’re so low and road conditions around the world exactly built with these cars in mind and also, people still haven’t figured out how a speed-bump is supposed to be made.

So, stretching out a 300,000 $ road-hugging car and adding two more doors may perhaps be the worst idea which is why the limo company ‘Cars for Stars’ is looking out for a financier for the project.

AventadorLimo 1

AventadorLimo 2 AventadorLimo 3

AventadorLimo 3 AventadorLimo 2


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  1. Alee Syed says

    Not that BAD , think it as a Limo not a Sports Car.

  2. Zaid Ali says


  3. Mohammad Fahad says

    its looking like shit actually, some douches below me are just curious about the lambo brand,
    Lamborghini is actually a 2-door sports car and meant to move by speed, so in short they might lose their fame after this stupid limo.

  4. Shorahbeel Bin Zahur says


  5. Rashid Humayoun Humayouyn says

    I Love you baba.

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