This is the 2014 Range Rover Sport

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A couple of days ago Ranger Rover released a few teaser images of the coming RR Sport but now, full images of the 2014 Range Rover Sport has been leaked on the internet courtesy of AutoMonthly, who’s quoting a different source that has already removed the images.

The leaked RR Sport images are indeed of the SUV that will be revealed officially at the New York Auto Show next month but after comparing the teasers with these images, we can comfortably say, this is it!

Details regarding technical specifications are not known however, Range Rover says that this Sport will be the most dynamic Land Rover yet to be produced.

With tons of electronics and we’re guessing a super-charged V8, it might very well be but until everything is released in its entirety, here are the leaked images.

2014 Range Rover Sport 2 2014 Range Rover Sport 1

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  1. Ahsan Sarwar says

    If any one need the Prices and availability…..plz email at [email protected].

  2. Frik Man says

    heheheheh this rover is at garage………nice ahahhahah.

  3. Ahsan Sarwar says

    Coz it has not been launched yet…and these are spy pictures….

  4. Ahsan Sarwar says

    Dear Hammad, Thanks for your HONORABLE COMMENTS..really appreciate…For your kind info..if you see correctly 1st pic..u can see SPORT badge….No Evoque has any Sport badge….Nehither evoque comes in SPORT model…..Evoque has Pure, Passion and Dynamic Models……..secondly I use to be National Sales Manager of Land Rover for over 9 years and still in Land Rover business….For more clearification "C" pliiers of Sport are different from Evoque………soo better if you keep reserve your comments…..

  5. Ahsan Sarwar says

    Sure…I will send the details

  6. Muhammad Aamir says

    what TATA has done to Land Rover. It was mens pride ride before now it look like Girls/Gays ride.

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