Land Rover is working on a FWD only Mini-Defender

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Land Rovers are icons of the 4×4 world, the Defender is by far, one of the oldest and most recognized 4x4s amongst the all-time greats and a new Land Rover Defender is just around the block. Although Land Rover is taking a high caution in designing the next Defender and all time time it could take, it has however revealed plans that a new, front wheel drive only Mini Land Rover will also come.

With design cues from the new DC100 Concept and some inspiration from its heritage, the new mini Land Rover will cost around 18,000 GBP. The mini SUV will be about four meters long, and rumors are that it will share a bespoke platform shared with Jaguar Land Rover’s Indian owner Tata and it’s Chinese partner Chery.

Land Rover’s B-segment SUV will have a £18,000 price for the entry-level model, that will probably be front-wheel driven and could be powered by a new generation of 1.2 and 1.6-liter diesel or gasoline engines.

Currently though, Land Rover is evaluating the Mini Land Rover.

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