Law ministry bans Prime Minister’s decision to ban CNG for car above 1000cc


Yesterday, it was formally announced through the decision of the caretaker Prime Minister, Mir Hazar Khan Khoso that cars that have engines larger then 1000cc would be not be allowed to use CNG as fuel.

Everyone was shocked and vowed to defy the orders as OGRA decided to take safe steps and first declared to consult with Law Ministry before implementing the decision as in the past, OGRA had to take blow from Supreme Court after government’s decision of raising fuel prices.

Today, the meeting settled down between Ministry of Petroleum and Law Ministry which has blocked PM’s decision to ban use of CNG in cars with engine larger then 1000cc saying that it is negation of the basic spirit of the Constitution which ensures equal rights to all citizens.

OGRA had asked from concerned authorities to first pass the policy from the Law Ministry which has denied to pass it.

The officials concerned while talking with The News said that the Law Ministry had declared the decision a breach of the Constitution, which ensures equal rights to all citizens when it comes to the utility of minerals.

Adding further that the caretaker regime has no mandate to take such policy decision, they said while quoting the discussion during the meeting with the Law Ministry’ officials.

The ban was to come into effect from May 25th but due to CNG holiday of 2-4 days, the ban was essentially into effect since today however, industry pundits now say that the ban will never be implemented.

Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.