A Legend: The Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series

LC 80 series

The all-time favorite and popular Toyota Land Cruiser has always set standards for its competitors. Being one of the toughest SUVs in the world, Land Cruiser has never failed to impress its lovers. The production of this beast was started in the year 1951 by Toyota and is also the only vehicle in the catalog of the Japanese automaker to have the longest produced series. Land Cruiser has been produced in almost all types of variants such as soft top, hardtop, wagon and utility and pick-up truck versions.

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All the models of Land Cruiser are worth praising but the one produced from 1990-1997 is just above standards. Known as the 80 series, this model was released in 1989 and was launched in 1990. The model gained most popularity in Australia because of the success in its rugged terrain. There is no way one can deny about the legacy of this beast.

The concept of 80 series was the combination of latest technology and top quality features. The reason why the 80 series gained worldwide attention was because it was able to maintain its original toughness of excellent off-road characteristics and also being loyal to its parent models.

The two very popular 80 series were named FJ80 which was produced from 1991 till 1993 and FZJ80 which was produced from 1993 till 1997. FZJ80 had a 1FZ-FE 4.5L petrol engine whereas FJ80 had a 3F-E 4.0L petrol engine under the hood.

A major safety measure was taken in account in the 1996 in which all models were fitted with ABS and air bags as standard safety equipment. Until the beast was replaced by 100 series, features kept on increasing. Even when the tough 100 series was launched, the 80 series continued to impress its followers and their love for the monster never diminished.

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Replacing the leaf springs by coil springs both at front and at back enhanced the comfort of the vehicle. All the jeep lovers out there praised the durability of the 80 series’ axle as they worked flawlessly even on the most rugged roads. Strong support was provided to the axle with three arms supporting it at front and five arms at the back.

The vehicle was and is still seen in large numbers here in Pakistan. Majority of them are in good condition running from Karachi to Northern areas, the vehicle has still many years to survive on its own.

80-series 2

LC 80


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