All New Suzuki Vitara Launch in Pakistan – Live Blog

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Pak-Suzuki’s attempt to change its brand conception in Pakistan checked for another surprising update at the company’s latest launch event. It’s been only a few short months since the new auto policy was drafted and implemented, Pak-Suzuki’s launch of Kizashi was just a small step. The company’s launch event to introduce Suzuki Vitara – a CBU – in Pakistan started off with the recitation of Holy Quran. The ceremony featured two speakers:

  1. Mr Hirofumi Nagao – Managing Director Pak-Suzuki Motor Company Ltd.
  2. Mr Azam Mirza – General Manager Marketing Pak-Suzuki Motor Company Ltd.

“Vitara has scored a 5-star crash rating in European crash testing agency Euro-NCAP,” said Mr Hirofumi Nagao, while speaking about the vehicle’s safety ratings. He further remarked that the people of Pakistan have greatly appreciated our products ever since the inception of Pak Suzuki Motor company. The M.D recognised the new auto policy stating that it has opened new horizons for automobile sector in Pakistan. He said that the corporation is planning to extend its product range.

The event took a fascinating turn when a symphonic orchestra -first in any automobile event in Pakistan- started performing. The musical performance managed to up the ante, which was immediately followed by the arrival of the second speaker of the night; Mr Azam Mirza – General Manager Marketing Pak-Suzuki Motor Company Ltd. While sharing a presentation on the history of Pak-Suzuki, he said:

We at Pak Suzuki are optimistic about the future of auto industry in Pakistan.

He added that CPEC would play a great role in promoting long road travelling and will fuel the need for quality vehicles in the country. Mr Azam emphasised that with Pak-Suzuki’s strong dealership and industry rapport, the company is sure that Vitara will change the game. He bid the audience farewell by signalling the reveal of Suzuki Vitara, which was brought to the stage in an extravagant display of typical countdown, fireworks and illumination. Not only did Pak-Suzuki unveil Suzuki Vitara but to endorse the product; the company had invited Vitara’s brand ambassador – Fawad Khan on to this event as well. Pak-Suzuki has offered this vehicle in two variants:

  • GL+ which is priced at PKR 3.49 Million
  • GLX priced at PKR 3.79 Million


The event was gracefully brought to its end when Mr Hirofumi Nagao handed over the keys of first Suzuki Vitara to Fawad Khan. Thus, the guests were invited to have first-look at this vehicle.

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  1. HondaLover says

    Suzuki = Cheap brand without quality
    Vitara = Khitara

  2. Guest says

    another nail in the coffin after Kizashi?

  3. Hussain says

    If they can keep it around 2 m then it can make its market otherwise it will be another HRV , Teros or Avenza …..

  4. Narain says

    In our India , Suzuki Ciaz is not good as Honda City in terms of Comfort and Handling , Suzuki Vitara although would be good but not as better than Toyota Avanza in terms of Comfort.

  5. Shurjil Butt says

    I am quite sure that as we never learn from our past blunders, we will still repeat what we saw with Kizashi. This car will be priced at such a value where consumer will prefer importing vezel again or probably Q2. Furthermore, we all know that a Paki build car can never ever have the same luxury or trim levels offered in USA or Europe. It will never happen so its a lose lose situation for consumer.

  6. suzukithedumbcompany says

    It seems that suzuki is full of nuts and idiots. BTW what are they trying to prove?
    Who is gonna buy this shit with a suzuki tag? IDIOTS bring latest models of small cars or keep failing pigeon brains

  7. Suzuki Khitara says

    What about statement form Suzuki representative that “Govt. should give same benefits as offered to new entrants or people should stop dreaming about new models”? All they needed was a reality check, Just few MOU’s and foreign companies announcement to enter in Pakistani market and here they are… on their heels, investing, launching new models.

  8. Suzuki Khitara says

    People should only lean on Suzuki for a year. Once Renault, Nissan and Kia enters Pakistani market
    Let them know their worth and hatred that they earned among people in decades by giving us cars like mehran, khyber and cultus.

  9. Suzuki Khitara says

    lol if they can sell mehran at 7lac, cant expect them to launch imported CBU at 2M price.

  10. Gem Gul says

    Truth has been spoken!

  11. Salman Ahmed says

    No need to buy suzuki cars even now

  12. Salman Ahmed says

    2 suzuki khitara wow.

  13. Auto expert says

    no dude, it’s not a game changer…… spending 35 lacs or 39 lacs on Vitara is not a vise decision, buying a HONDA VEZEL JDM is best … Suzuki Vitara will obviously be having poor resale value , … It’s all flop… Buying an AUDI or BMW sounds cool ,….

  14. Mohsan Hassan says

    Loo bahi gaye Suzuki. Very overpriced

  15. Zamir says

    LOL…. you know when ever one thinks SUZUKI name , first image come to mind is MEHRAN and SUZUKI VAN , spending 35 or 38 lacs on Suzuki is hilarious….. Audi is cool and best

  16. Salman Ahmed says

    35 lakh . My ass lol

  17. Babar Sardar says

    Hahahaha the price just killed this suv

  18. Ali Qureshi says

    Pak Suzuki why on earth would anyone buy a suzuki for 3.5Mil? A max price of 2.8-3.0 Mil would have some fighting chance but you just should it dead before it even had a pathetic chance to fly.

  19. Jani says

    I haven’t laughed this much for ages. great joke! Audi or new Fortuner any day. Suzuki just shot themselves in the foot; AGAIN. First the kamikaze, sorry, kizashi, then this. Keep on rolling, Suzuki, soon you will be out out of business.

  20. Ahmed says

    35 lakh for the base model? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA ALL HAIL THE NEW KIZASHI! 😀

  21. traxmaker says

    Someone decided their top of the line is almost equal to a Toyota Revo….so they priced it similarly.

    Price is over by at least Pkr 700,000 if not more. Maybe it was not meant to be sold in big numbers. Maybe this was introduced to show the govt that PS is introducing new models so give PS incentives….

    But good luck anyway PS (not sarcastic).

  22. osama says

    For price i think it is the government that has to be blamed with all these taxes. Had there not been much taxes on CKD then these products should have been manufactured in Pakistan with better price & quality. Suzuki couldn’t do much when they have to cater to the market demands yet has to deal with the macro-economic situation of Pakistan.

  23. Mohammad Zeeshan Fahd says

    I think they know what public reaction would be on this one ….. so it seems that speculation about it has something to do with government seems more appropriate ………

  24. Hussain says

    they mean to say its better than Q2, X1 and HRV

  25. muneeb says

    first option vizel 2nd revo

  26. Awais Yousaf says

    I think because these are CBU units thats why they are priced like this but 35 lacks for a Vitara is not worth it in my opinion. Soon there will be a Toyota CH-R and already present Vezel which are a better option in less the price!

  27. Salman Ahmed says

    Govt? You can buy new cars by paying less amount then what local companies are charging here

  28. Shahzaib says

    CH-R & Vezel are less in price?

  29. Awais Yousaf says


  30. adnan syed says

    Its top of the line feature wise. But price why not anyone go for german brands. Head of marketing i don’t know what he and his team doing. Even at that price honda find it difficult to sell HRV. Once again senseless marketing approach. You can sell it at break even price to capture the market nd then slowly nd gradually increase the price to make the profit. As marketing doesn’t only mean to make profit. Its actually how u capture nd increase ur market share nd strengthen ur repute.

  31. Roban Nawaz says

    And Good To See Its Launched In Both Petrol And Diesel Versions!!! 😀

  32. ubaid says

    looking at this price one can safely assume the price for suzuki ciaz will start from Rs.2m and the car will never make out of the showrooms.

  33. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    Jimy Dabba was on sale earlier for PKR 2.25 Mil, did we anticipate Suzuki will price this vehicle below or even close to that one?

    PK|R 2.6-2.8 Mil would have put Suzuki in the competitive edge against the Vezel, German X1 and Q2 are way out of league of any existing ones in the market.

  34. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    Even Suzuki Jimny dabba sells for 2.2 Mil. Kis planet pe rehtay ho bhai 🙂

  35. traxmaker says

    i beg to differ. You will see one car on the roads at least….driven by the Brand Ambassador. And the rest of them will be driven by Company Higher-ups

  36. traxmaker says

    Its the latest marketing strategy……”Dart board pricing technique”…. 🙂

  37. Suzuki Khitara says

    Do what you do best in local market, produce small affordable mother fucking hatchback cars, Fuck you Suzuki. THIS WILL BE ANOTHER FAILURE TO YOU LOSERS.

  38. Suzuki Khitara says

    I hope this Japanese GM in white shalwar kameez who looted us for decades is following up with this blog and people’s feedback on social media platforms.

  39. Suzuki Khitara says

    No wonder they haven’t recognized and verified their fb page, because shit would just get official with that.

  40. Salman Ahmed says

    Suzuki has dug it’s own grave .it is time for them to migrate to Iran and leave us alone

  41. Salman Ahmed says

    This is the only Japanese begharat (Suzuki gm) I have seen in life .all other Japanese are good hardworking sincere people

  42. Salman Ahmed says

    Haha right .

  43. Waqar Munir says

    Before entering into premier market where competition is intense; you should retire your obslete models like mehran, bolan, jimmy and cultus. First improve these then experiment other things. Else every model will flop like kizashi.

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