Live Coverage: Toyota Hilux Revo & Toyota Fortuner Launch

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The big day is finally here. After months of speculations, rumors and spy shots, the time has finally arrived. Toyota Indus is prepared and ready to officially launch two new vehicles in Pakistan. Toyota Revo will be replacing Toyota Hilux Vigo and the 2nd generation Fortuner will be replacing its predecessor. The event is scheduled to go live today (6th December, 2016), 10:00 a.m at Royal Palm Golf & Country CLub, Lahore.

To keep the readers up-to-date on the proceedings of this event, PakWheels will be covering this event in detail, so stay tuned for live updates below.

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  1. moaz awais says

    entry is free for every person????

  2. moaz awais says

    10:00 A.M today confirm?

  3. pappu yaar says

    its 10:49 am….whats the update? is the reporter late or is Toyota Indus late?…..or is the Chief Guest (whoever it is) living up to their timing expectations??

  4. abcd says

    btw….is it true that even after paying PKR 4,299,000/- you do not get a Sports Bar or a Front Camera pre-installed on the High End REVO ?

  5. Imran Saeed says

    Congrats to the rich class !
    Please wake me when something under 10 lac is officially launched.

  6. hahaha says

    yayyyy…..the private guards and govt servants have two new vehicle models!!!!

  7. Khurram says

    Excuse me mister, not every one wants to buy crap Audi, B.M.W. or Honda

  8. Khurram says

    Why read the article if you wanted to sleep?

  9. Khurram says

    So? Many cars being offered by various companies, do not have the features according to their heavy prices. Actually since Toyota is the most successful brand, jealous fans of other brands comment senselessly on the articles that they ought not to read in the first place. And please for the last time, Toyota is tough and reliable. Something important that is missing in all other brands.

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