Low Profile Tyres vs Normal Tyres

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A lot of cars these days offer optional low profile tyres. Before I begin, I would like to talk a bit about low profile tyres. These tyres have a thinner side wall.  To understand more about low profile tyres, it’s necessary to understand the markings on the side of a tyre. For instance, P225/45R15 on a tyre means that the tyre has a 15 inch wheel, a tread width of 225 and a side wall of 45 percent of the tread width (101mm). The value indicating the side wall thickness as a percentage is referred to as the aspect ratio.

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Generally, the higher the aspect ratio, the thicker the side walls. The side walls of the car absorb some of the vibrations on the road. Thicker side walls mean a comfortable ride, while lower aspect ratio means thinner side walls and stiffer ride quality. Stiffer side walls result in a more uncomfortable ride because, tyres are somewhat part of your car’s suspension. Low profile tyres tend to damage the wheels when hit by a pothole. . People often assume that low profile tyres frequently blowout. Though this is not the case, because both normal tyres and low profile tyres have similar tread and ply construction. Tyre makers constantly work on improving the material used in the manufacturing. Newer tyres are often tougher than old low profile tyres.

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If you are looking for comfort and a smooth ride, then normal tyres are ideal. Low profile tyres improve the appearance of a car however, they also increase the risk of damaging the wheels of a car.

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Are low-profile tyres useful for Pakistani roads?

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  • Umar Pal

    Please dont mind. That was the least informative blog I have read on Pakwheels to this day

  • Muhammad Omer

    It’s ”Tread” not ”Thread”

  • Ammar

    Came here expecting an article that provides absolutely no information. Wasn’t disappointed.

  • AAS Lahore

    would like to add with low profile tires uncomfortable ride aspect they provide a better handling and more road stability creating a better center of gravity .
    Secondly its important to understand the size difference when switching from normal profile to Low profile tyers .

  • § }{

    I do not normally write to discourage…but this was rather akin to a google 1st line result. Is there a minimum standard which articles have to meet to be considered for publishing? Is it all about quantity and clicks/visits per page? How different is this practice from cheap click-bait strategies that low quality websites employ?

    As a pakwheels enthusiast, I would call for the editors to heed my advice….do not follow the suzuki mehran route, sure you will sell and people will buy…but lack of goodwill will hurt your brand image and deny you loyal supporters in the long run.

  • Guest

    “A lot of cars these days offer optional low profile tyres.”

    Which cars? Mehran. Bolan, Ravi, Swift, Wagon-R, APV, Jimny, Corolla, Hilux, Hiace, Land Cruiser, City, Civic, v2, XP-V. Here is the bulk of cars that is sold in every month. Which of these cars offer optional low profile tyres?

    I must say there was a time 13 years ago when EXi used to come with a smaller wheel (14″) and VTi came with a 15″ wheel so technically the VTi had lower profile tyres to maintain the same outer diameter. Can 13 years ago be called “these days”?

    “… thinner side wall”
    Not at all. In fact the side wall of low-profile has a thicker section because low profile tyres are made to be able to perform in sports cars and thus have a very high speed rating. Hence the section is thicker and can be easily seen thickening beside the bead. And you are welcome to try the vernier caliper there.

    The writer has muddled the description by the confusion between lower/higher and thicker/thinner.

    Always keep a thesaurus with you while writing and keep an eye on 7Cs, specially the clarity and consistency part.

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