Why Toyota Yaris Was A Fail In India

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In a somewhat expected step, Toyota India has discontinued its flagship sedanToyota Yaris. As per media reports, the company took the measure due to constant low sales in the country.

Statement by Toyota India

In its official statement, the company said, “Toyota Kirloskar Motor announces the discontinuation of Yaris in India with effect from September 27th, 2021.” The move is part of the company’s product strategy to continue to cater to customers’ ever-evolving needs through enhanced product offerings and technologies.

“Since its launch in India, Yaris, built on Toyota’s QDR Philosophy, has won the customers’ hearts with its stunning style and design, leading features, low maintenance cost and unmatchable drivability,” Toyota India added.

The company ensures Yaris consumers that it will continue to cater to them through its dealers across the country. “The company will ensure availability of Toyota genuine spare parts for the minimum next 10 years on this discontinued model,” the company assured. 

Yaris in Indian Market 

Toyota India introduced Yaris in India in 2018 in the mid-sized sedan premium car segment. The car was competing against Honda City, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz and Hyundai Verna in the Indian market. The price of the vehicle ranged from Rs9.16 lacs to Rs14.60 lacs (Indian Rupee).

Toyota Yaris in Pakistan 

Toyota Pakistan launched the sedan in Pakistan in March 2020. Although its sales were seriously hit due to COVID-19,  the car bounced back strongly. Since its launch, Yaris has become the top-selling sedan in Pakistan beating its archrival Honda City.

Some of the major reasons behind these record-high sales were Toyota’s name, reliability, parts availability, strong resale and most importantly, more specs and features than previous Honda City.

In short, the situation for Yaris is totally different in Pakistan and India. In one country it is top seller, while in the other it failed against its competitors.

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  1. Khurram says

    I believe that Indian buyers have very different tastes when it comes to car buying, Pakistanis tend to seek tried and tested methods, while the Indians prefer to try on something new. Besides, India is not troubled with menace of low quality fuel, inept and unethical car mechanics so people can actually buy other car brands and still not face high costs of repairs.

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