Luxury cars may be banned

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Seems like the new government is following the footsteps of Rehman Malik as they’re going on a spree of banning everything as a solution. First, CNG for use in cars was planned to be banned, however for our own benefit but yesterday, the I.T. Minister revealed shockingly about placing a ban on Google and today, Ishaq Dar who serves as the finance minister has planned to ban luxury Mercedes cars in the next budget.

In his first tenure during Pervez Musharraf’s rule, Ishaq Dar had placed a similar ban on Mercedes cars until, four Chief Ministers’ wanted one and so four chief ministers of the provinces had imported Mercedes vehicles paying no duty and taxes.

“Now the finance minister has again taken the decision to ban the import of Mercedes cars in the next budget,” a senior FBR official told The News.

We’re still unable to understand whether this ban will be limited to import of government luxury vehicles or the country as a whole.

Meanwhile, the government is going to also propose increased tax rates for Association of Persons (AoPs) and high bracket income slabs.


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  1. Fazli Wahid says

    why merceds only.

  2. Fazli Wahid says

    why mercedes benz only?/.

  3. Moaz Bhutta says

    ban google? lol

  4. Mashal Khan Khattak says

    I hated merc anyways, bmw is way better.

  5. Adeel Qureshi says

    why google?

  6. Ather Ahmad Nasir says

    Banning google and merc? wat the hell is going on in my country…:S.

  7. Saad Ahmed Khan says

    banning mercs because the the 1.8 german car is a heck lot cheaper than a crappy 2.4 local assembled camry?

  8. Mansoor Qadir Siddiqui says

    That's Y they say "Hor Choopo".
    For Those who voted for them..
    Ye boht e koi beemar zehniat k log hain..

  9. Jazib Pervez says

    ishaq dar son owns lambourghini aventador in dubai……that's why they don't like mercedes.

  10. Muhammad Haris says

    Hahahaha, in your dreams. Merc AMG cars kick BMW butt. Seen the M158 engine in the huayra? Probably not, cuz you sound like a totally ignorant guy who knows only about BMWs and hating mercs cuz you dnt know a shit abt them.

  11. Muhammad Haris says

    BTW, Camry's local assembled??

  12. Ali Mujtaba says

    An excellent decision! There's no reason to import luxury vehicles in a country where a majority of its inhabitants live below the poverty line.

  13. Shahnawaz Baig says

    Muhammad Haris the one who has class buys merc and one who wants a class buys bmw and u think amg is faster then thats wht u think cause i hav beaten sl 65 with my m6 which is two years older then that car which my friend had so thats the truth and what merc says that merc is a luxury car and bmw is made for performance and audi is for sports that what they say for ur kind info! 🙂

  14. Mashal Khan Khattak says

    Can any merc compete bmw m5 ?? Simply no 🙂

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