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The motorway is without a doubt one of the best routes present currently in Pakistan. Each year millions of transporters and other commuters use it. The authorities try to maintain the motorway with their best capabilities so that the commuters using it might not land into some awkward problem. And now Frontier Works Organization (FWO) has introduced all-new M-Tag facility and replaced the old E-Tag option which was controlled by NADRA in a bid to give relief to users of (M-2) Lahore-Islamabad motorway.

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M-Tag is a pre-paid RFID chip which goes on the windscreen of the car, and when the vehicle comes near to the toll plaza the scanner placed at the toll plaza will automatically scan the balance in it and the location of the entry, and when you take an exit, it deducts the amount automatically—meaning no need to wait in long lines to submit the toll tax. The same system is being used in other countries as well such as Dubai.


The public and goods transport vehicles should have to get their free M-Tag by 31 March 2018 otherwise they would not be allowed to enter the motorway. Additionally, the private car owners will get a PKR 300 balance in their M-Tag if they opt to get the tag before 31 March 2018. Furthermore, after every 5000km the car runs on motorway routes PKR 500 would be recharged to their M-Tag. No deadline for private car owners have been announced by the authority in this regard; they can get the tag whenever they want.

It is pertinent to mention here that one can charge its M-Tag to any amount they want, according to one’s requirement. The balance has no expiry date so whenever one uses the route only then the amount would be deducted.

Where and how to apply for the M-Tag:

  • One can go to Ravi or Babu Sabu toll plaza there is a booth/office for the issuance of M-Tag
  • Required documents are: Original CNIC, vehicle registration book and phone number
  • Pay the desired amount on the spot to charge M-Tag
  • Vehicle must have a number plate as the vehicle without the number plate or applied for shall not get the M-Tag
  • Must have paid all E-Tags fines

How to recharge the chip:

  • The process of transferring the amount and recharging the M-Tag is straightforward. You need to transfer the amount via your bank account, or you can also do it through easy paisa, jazz cash at big outlets such as Hyperstar and Metro etc.
  • Balance has no expiry date
  • FWO has made a smart motorway app from where you can check your balance


  • No need to wait in long queues to pay the toll tax
  • E-challan will be deducted from M-Tag balance
  • Motorway operational alerts
  • Speed limits and Lane violation alerts
  • Toll transaction alerts
  • Weather alerts
  • M-Tag multiple recharge options etc.
  • Different lane for M-Tag users

The chip if damaged can be replaced free of cost. One important thing to mention here is that as of now M-Tag only applies on the M-2 motorway, but shortly the same facility will be available for other motorway routes and Lahore Ring Road.

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  1. My brother has to travel alot on the M1 and he has been using this M-Tag for quite some time.
    It is really very convenient and saves alot of time.

  2. Should be implemented on NHA also

  3. what about M9 and where can one get it in KHI?

  4. So a driving license isn't required to get an MTAG for private car drivers?

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