M-Tag Registration Made Compulsory for all Motorists on M-1 and M-2

The National Highway Authority through a notification vide No.5()/DD(ETTM)/NHA/19/104, dated March 5, 2019, has made M-Tag registration compulsory for all vehicles on M-1 and M-2 mandatory w.e.f. from May 2, 2019.

This is being done for motorists convenience and a free flow of traffic through the entrance and exit points of M-1 and M-2. While the notification doesn’t say it, but when asked by PakWheels, a representative of the National Highway Authority (NHA) confirmed that this notification is for M-4 motorists as well.

Long lines of vehicles are typically witnessed at the entrance point of Lahore, especially on Sunday evening, where motorists have to wait for a long period of time, to pay their due toll and enter Lahore. With the latest move, they will be able to drive through the toll station without stopping.

M-Tag is a pre-paid RFID chip which goes on the windscreen of the car. When the vehicle comes near the toll plaza, the scanner placed at the toll plaza automatically scans the chip. It retrieves data pertaining to balance, the location of the entry, etc. When you exit, it deducts the amount automatically—meaning there is no need to wait in long lines to pay the toll tax.

Where and how to apply for the M-Tag:

  • One can go to Ravi or Babu Sabu toll plaza where there is a booth/office for the issuance of M-Tag
  • Required documents are: Original CNIC, valid driver’s license, vehicle registration book, etc
  • Pay the desired amount on the spot to charge M-Tag
  • Vehicle must have a number plate as the vehicle without the number plate or “applied for” shall not get the M-Tag
  • Must have paid all E-Tag fines

How to recharge the chip:

  • The process of transferring the amount and recharging the M-Tag is straightforward. You need to transfer the amount via your bank account, or you can also do it through easy paisa, or jazz cash at big outlets such as Hyperstar and Metro, etc
  • Balance has no expiry date
  • FWO has made a smart motorway app from where you can check your balance

It is pertinent to mention here that the government has been trying to discourage motorists from travelling on motorways without the M-Tag for long. Previously, it had made the same mandatory for commercial vehicles. Then M-Tag was made mandatory on certain segments of motorways. Now it seems, the government has gone for a uniform policy where all motorists on motorways, irrespective of their vehicle type are required to have an M-Tag.

Those without one will not be allowed to enter the motorways.

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Notable Replies

  1. With the latest move, they will be able to drive through the toll station without stopping

    Unless all the motorists have the required balance in their m-tags. I have witnessed it that many a motorists, despite having m-tag and using the m-tag lane, do not keep required balance hence have to pay manually. this hinders the traffic flow and beats the purpose of m-tag/m-tag lanes.

  2. TM says:

    @alfa_whsky, you are 100% correct about that... and I have observed that for the past sometime the toll plaza staff does not stop cars without m-tag entering the m-tag lane(s), earlier they would not allow that thing to happen.

  3. I think the better idea would be..
    First have dedicated Mtag lanes... or All lanes can accept Mtag. Announce like 5 to 10% discount on toll rates for using Mtag with balance. Anyone filling their account right there does not get a discount.

    This will eventually promote people using Mtag and keeping balance. Mtag should not be compulsory. Add some benefits to it so drivers automatically get attracted towards it.

  4. I am frequent traveler of M-2. I have noticed that usually Non Tag cars enters M-Tag Lane if there is not person to check / stop them. The toll person has no option other than receiving payment due to traffic pressure and clear the car in minimum time. Some Non M-Tag drivers deliberately enters M-Tag lane or some by mistake. Secondly; some M-Tag drivers dont have adequate balance in their accounts, they know their balance once entering motor way; but are least bothered / remains lazy in charging balance during travelling on motor way. They enter exit M Tag lane and pay in cash; .this takes time and other following M Tag cars suffers.

    It is very good news that M-Tag is being made compulsory (Hope so :slight_smile: . The driver should ensure that they have adequate balance in their accounts before entering motor way. If there is inadequate balance then impose reasonable fine and it should be automatically updated in M Tag account for adjustment in future re-charge. But dont stop car if balance is less at exist. Give one month to driver to re-charge later on from any outlet. If unable to pay / clear arrears then terminate its M-Tag. If some one buys car from anyone having M-tag then its M-Tag status should be get checked from system / authority. Recharging of M-Tag should be made more easy. In beginning; there will can be problems but things will improve with passage of time. Change requires efforts.

    I have traveled at motor ways of Japan / Korea / Canada ; tags are compulsory there. I have come to know that in saudia there is 500 Riyal fine if petrol is finished on motor ways. In Pakistan; there should be strict rules otherwise people will keep taking benefits of loop holes / short cuts.

  5. So people who use Motorways occasionally, what options do they have? Either put balance in M-tag account and wait for their next usage of Motorway that might occur in months or just not use Motorway at all? Rules are meant to facilitate citizens but here in Pak they are meant to irritate citizens like there are rumors about toll tax being added to petrol price. If that's real, seriously where is facilitation?

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