Man buries Bentley for afterlife

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Okay, I have seen some really weird stuff, but this has got to be numero uno.

Brazilian businessman Conde Chiquinho Scarpa has dug up a hole in his lavish estate to literally bury his brand new Bentley Continental Flying Spur into the ground in order to save it for his afterlife.

Vehicles stored in underground facilities tend to get corroded and eventually become a rust bucket. Burying it into open soil like that will completely exterminate his precious Bentley.

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Oh wait, has he found out a way to take it out on the ‘other side’?


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  1. Jiggi Butt says

    Jiggi Salman

  2. Rabeel Ch says

    May be he is planning to burry the Digger with it

  3. Shoaib Saleem says

    Let him die & a dozen of his friends & relatives will be there to get the vehicle out 🙂

  4. Kashif Maqsood says

    WTF !!

  5. Jiggi Butt says

    Kashif Maqsood :p

  6. Irfan Ullah Khattak says

    How a stupid man can be a highly riched buisnesman?? Amazing…

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