This Man Thinks That The Petrol Shortage In Pakistan Was Created By Beggars

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During the last few days, people of Punjab went through a severe petrol shortage, which affected everyone in the province. You would think that no sane man would deny that there was a petrol crisis in the country due to mismanagement by our beloved government. But you are wrong. In a place far, far away, there is a man. A man, who thinks the petrol shortage was just a Yahoodi Sazish.

Pakistan Fuel Shortage Beggar The man in question, is no other than our own Petroleum Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who said that there was no real petrol shortage in the country and the prevailing shortage was created by beggars.

I think we all agree with Mr. Abbasi on the beggar point. Indeed, the petrol shortage in Pakistan was created by beggars, the beggars we know as the Politicians of Pakistan, who, during the time of their election campaigns, make false promises and beg for votes, only to forget their promises and blame the voters for bringing crisis such as the current petrol crisis onto themselves.

Abbasi blamed the media for misreporting information about the petrol crisis and the people for merely buying fuel. He also said that most of the people on petrol pumps were beggars who were there to buy petrol to later sell at profit.

I don’t know where Mr. Petroleum Minister gets his news and stuff from. But the quality of the latter is absolutely supreme. IFKWIM

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  1. awaisqz says

    I am sorry Mr Fahad, these pages and your position as an objective and pioneering contributor is tarnished with this blog post. We are having enough of such useless political stuff on mainstream and social media. I am a frequent visitor of Pakwheels and its blog pages because this site is objective and focused on its subject. Please spare us from such stuff. Moreover this blog of yours proves that your actual expertise lies in cars so please stick to what you are good at.

  2. wasted youth says

    Well I think “PETROL” is the subject related to cars and vehicles and it is absolutely focused and objective unless someone is a blind PML(N) supporter and don’t believe in facts and reality. Pity on Pakistan that such losers are it’s future generation and youth who are just as ignorant as a pebble and being kicked hard on their butts…. Well carry on.

  3. Sandtiger says

    That was a funny article, I am Glad that pakwheels allows some humor on her blog. In no way do I think, that it’s irrelevant article and is not related to wheels. People should know that entire episode occurred due to the mismanagement of the government. Those who sleep loses in life, right now these politicians are like a cancer who are eating away last bits of what is left. They cannot see and take action on crises which may would have resulted on miss governance of few days, how do you expect that they will take a corrective action on upcoming crises which is a result of years of negligence like dams we needed, power plants, gas crises as they could not decide that they have to take gas from Iran or not, economic downfall which has resulted from factories shutting down because of non-availability of gas. Medical treatment, terrorism, job market, IMF, loan, law and order.

  4. awaisqz says

    Thanks for your comments. Rest assured it was not for PMLN support, just an honest opinion. But I do support your right to disagree:)

  5. wasted youth says

    Thanks mate. I didn’t mean to offend you. It was just a general reply.

  6. Adnan Khan says

    Sir, You Are Absolutely Right!

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