Man turns a Lamborghini Gallardo into a Mustang

This is one of those builds where you have to think for years, consult with psychologists, ask pundits, ask God, and cry without knowing whatever went wrong or whatever happened in this man’s head that he turned a nice orange Lamborghini Gallardo into a Ford Mustang.

Love is boundless sure it is, but today’s the time when one has to accept their love as is, you choose to be someone else in someone else’s clothing, it will be a disaster. Or in this case, you already are one of the greatest, one of the prettiest that is envied by the world but you choose to come down to look like a monkey. Its not even the original Mustang, its the ugliest one of them all.

The man had issues with Lamborghini, he vented out by hacking a perfect Lamborghini envied by billions into an object of shame and here we vent out through this post.

They even has named this car which hints that the man was angry at Lamborghini for some reason, “Tractorri” which hints at Lamborghini’s original tractor business.

Whatever the case, billions will protest to this abomination.

The original Lambo:


The blueprint for the build:


The parts that were leftover from the Lambo:


The pictures:

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