Meera’s fan names his new design after her or not!

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Well previously ladies from over Gullak, devout Meera fans made a T-shirt ensembling Che Guevara, the famous revolutionist who did more then talk. Following Che’s foot steps, these ladies from Gullak visioned Meera as their leader of Pakistani revolution and had to do something rather shout about it. So they painted Meera just like Che Guevara like you find on those T-shirts. Message was sent; Cha Gae Meera and Meera approved it. But Meera needed a car, a really fast car, so she’s not caught by Attiqur Rehman. That’s when John Baltazaar, whether a fan or not came into play.

Welcome Astrum Meera Concept car:

Concept cars have a unique way to make us dream of the future. That’s exactly what the Astrum Meera does: puts you in a world where technology and design walked a long path and found perfect balance.

The Astrum Meera is a concept car design that possesses unique features for safety, sustainability and practical design. For instance, the exhaust of the car ha built-in sensors which work like a thermometer and always measure the level of CO2 emissions and when it exceeds the normal level, they alert the driver. The wheels are inspired from train’s wheels, they work through magnetic levitation, which makes the car lighter an faster. The side mirrors sinks in the car’s body when it’s switched off and rises out from its body when you start the car. He has also proposed a camera to be fitted in side mirrors so that when it rains, you don’t have to look out the window.

The car is designed by John Stephen Baltazar, who is a film producer/director and a car designer from the American University of Sharjah.

The Astrum Meera is a fantastic 3D render, but somehow the design lacks the wow factor but it does contain some pretty ambitious future-tech ideas. Let’s just hope as catchy as he named it for us Pakistanis, the rest of the world find those tech ideas worth it too.

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