Meet the All New Suzuki Ciaz

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The new Suzuki Ciaz is a big deal. Is it revolutionary, unique or even game changing? Maybe, not so much in the segment it operates in where you already have the likes of the new Honda City, but for Pak-Suzuki, the Ciaz  brings a ray of new hope, of presenting an entrant into the local sedan segment.

Historically speaking this isn’t a new segment for Pak-Suzuki, the company had introduced Suzuki Liana and before that  there was Suzuki Baleno, which was a replacement for Suzuki Margalla. Margalla and Baleno had succeeded to capture good market share soon after their introduction but, even with its economical engine, ample ground clearance, roomy interior and a big boot; Liana suffered. Reason being perception, lack of proper market penetration and high maintenance cost. But now with Suzuki Ciaz, the company is planning to rebuild its brand image in Pakistan by offering a product to draw the consumer market away from the monopoly of City and Corolla.


It seems that the hint dropped by Pak-Suzuki’s officials at the launch of Suzuki Kizashi about company’s radical change in its product line-up are about to become a reality. Suzuki in Pakistan is known as a small and cheap car manufacturer. This perception can only change by introducing a car with upmarket, elegant exterior styling and an affordable price tag. The good news is, Ciaz looks like a well-engineered car. The large headlamps, the in-your-face chrome grille and the  stylish bumper give the Suzuki Ciaz an air of richness. The profile dominated by the strong shoulder line that runs from the front fender all the way into the tail lamp along with those nice-looking 15-inch wheels lend the Ciaz an elegant but youthful stance.

At the rear side, the car gives off a more rounded shape and possess quite a lot of similarities to the tail side of the 6th generation of Honda City. The rear bumper, like the one at the front, is well styled. The chrome strip on the boot lid further enhances the sedan’s appeal.


Having good exterior styling is important, but if the interior fails to feature a wow factor, then I am afraid it’s a lost cause. Apparently, Suzuki has got it right at least where it matters the most. The design for the dashboard is simple and clean and resembles  the modern instrument panel design element which makes the interior more spacious. The choice of colours and the embellishments in the form of chrome  accents  give the Ciaz a much-needed air of plushness.

Concerning space, there is plenty of room inside the car, especially for the rear seats. Suzuki has designed and installed scooped out front seats to enhance the available space, which makes rear seating roomier..



Let’s admit, equipment and features are the primary matrix to calculate a car’s value for money. It is said that the car will come with Dual frontal Airbags, Suzuki’s TECT crash wortiness proven frame design & brake pedal release features for enhancement of safety. Other luxuries including electric windows and audio systems would be standard too. As far as space is concerned there is ample space in this car with availability of cup holders and bottle holders both for front and rear passengers.


Globally Suzuki Ciaz comes with three engine variants:

  • 1.4 L Petrol Engine
  • 1.2 L Petrol Engine
  • 1.3 L Diesel engine

However, considering the demise of diesel cars in Pakistan over the years due to bad fuel quality; I think it’s safe to say that Pak-Suzuki will only be introducing this car’s petrol variants. More importantly, this car will be highly scrutinized by Pakistanis for its economy, performance and pricing; partly because this is Pak-Suzuki’s recent attempt to enter in the sedan market and partly because this car will be entering in competition with the likes of Honda City and Corolla GLi.


Let me put it this way, should Honda City and Corolla Gli/Xli be worried about this new kid? Based on the observations, I would say ‘yes’, but you have to realise that Pakistanis prefer resale value over other features. If Pak-Suzuki manages to introduce this car at a competitive price with readily available spare parts and maintenance services then and only then it could pose a threat. Otherwise, this car will face the same fate as that off Liana. I am pretty sure, Pakistanis will appreciate the arrival of this new vehicle which brings with itself the promise of being a high quality product being a CBU. And last but not the least is the price, although Pak-Suzuki hasn’t released any statements in this regard but industry experts are predicting its price range at 1.8-2.2 million rupees.


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  1. Ahmed says

    I highly doubt they will price it right. The trouble is their brand image which is a low quality pathetic vehicle bought by the middle class because they don’t have an option other than this crap.

  2. MySchizoBuddy says

    very good car. Now lets talk about what will we get in Pakistan. That is ALL that matters. Do a size comparison. It doesn’t look to be as big as a Corolla?

  3. mgm99 says

    I have to agree. Suzuki is crap.

  4. fed up says

    Please do not insult lower middle class.

  5. mgm99 says

    did not mean to do so. i apologize.

  6. Mohsan Hassan says

    new car is far better than buying imported accidental one

  7. fed up says

    Pakwheel is blocking some of my comments on suzuki cars, specially.

  8. fed up says

    If people are trying to expose car TRIO ,specially Pak suzuki then let them do.why to block?

  9. fed up says

    CIAZ should be priced above 2.2 million PKR , so the end will be like KIZASHI, another failure.

  10. LovePakistan says

    I just hope someday JEEP starts making their vehicles here. No body would even look at this Japanese crapppppyyy cars.

  11. LovePakistan says

    You are a joker. If imported was crap your local assemblers wouldn’t be scared of opening imports.

    Truth is your brand new local assembled cars cannot even compete in open market competition with 3 year old accidental as your put it….

  12. LovePakistan says

    Lower middle class created Pakistan, while 1% top shittt mouth haramkhors like you managed to occupy it’s system & power houses through times.

  13. LovePakistan says

    If import & open market competition is allowed and Pakistani consumer is given the choice, these local assemblers would beg on road-sides.

  14. fed up says

    Read my comments again, what nonsense you are telling.

  15. Guest says

    Jeep doesn’t make sedans. People who want to buy a sedan won’t go for a Jeep.

  16. LovePakistan says

    Sorry. I misunderstood your comment. Please accept my apology as I stand corrected.

  17. fed up says

    Yes ,pakistani people consider resale value but not for suzuki cars .suzuki cars are not reliable and strong enough to consider for resale value. The blogger is totally favoring suzuki which is not fair.

  18. fed up says

    No problem, Thanks

  19. Shmai says

    Talked to a 3s dealer , he said it will be priced same as that of city , but he did not answered which variant of city and didn’t told auto or manual… but confirmed that celerio would be manual with price tag of 12+.

  20. fed up says

    Then celerio will be another successful failure, good go on PS .We want like that.

  21. Javed Khan says

    Unless you intend to import one yourself with verifiable auction sheet and export documents, what he says is actually true. I worked in the import business of cars previously and know all too well what the majority of dealers import here nowadays. A brand new vehicle would at least give you some peace of mind and is covered under warranty. Paying top money for used models doesn’t make sense in the long run. Just look at India’s example, had our Government showed same vigilance when it came to safeguarding national interests, we would’ve gotten manufacturing plants established here with transfer of technology instead of just useless assembly plants.

  22. LovePakistan says

    Gov. concern should be only Safety, Safety & safety

    Everything else is just BS. Let the consumer decide in open market like they have in US. Only then we’ll know for sure who is the real winner!

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