Mishandling of new cars Like 2016 Honda Civic by Freighters and Dealerships

Cars can arguably be one of the most precious possessions of many people’s life. For many people, you have to earn for half of your life to be able to buy your first car, whether it’s used or new. Although some are lucky to enough to be born in a super luxury car, but for many, it’s a lifelong struggle. You work your bones off to save just enough to buy your first ever brand new car. You go to the showroom, full of happiness and pride, the dealership guy asks you to wait until they prepare your car for you, they finally bring your pride and joy in front of you and you can’t contain your happiness. And now think what you would feel if you see a dent or a scratch on your brand new car.

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Of course it will be displeasing and also you will ask the dealership to fix it immediately. And then it all depends on your bargaining and convincing power how you ask them to fix it. Whether get you a different car, which is highly unlikely, or fix the panel for you (removing the dent and painting it).

But then there are some damages that are not visible from the outer surface. Those can be far more sinister than just a scratched left door. Recently photos of the new 2016 Honda Civic started to appear in bulk on the social media. Honda Atlas launched the car on last weekend and it created a lot of buzz on its release. But before the release, its spy shots started to appear almost everywhere. And among those shots, we say a couple of photos where Civic 2016 was being unloaded from a trailer. And this is where the story gets interesting. From the photos, it appears the car is about to rub its belly on the edge of the loader. We don’t have any more photos but from the photos, you can say this with reasonable certainty that the car would have rubbed its belly if the people unloading the car had continued.


2016 Honda Civic Pakistan Defects (24)

2016 Honda Civic Pakistan Defects (23)

This is just one example. Otherwise there are a lot of horror stories where new owners had bought a brand new car and it had something horrible done to it. The car suffered a damage during the transit but the dealership quietly fixed it and handed over the car to you. The damage doesn’t even have to be cosmetic or to the body of the car. It could be mechanical damage as well.

Hyundai Shahzore (1) Hyundai Shahzore (3) Hyundai Shahzore (4)

So if you have bought a brand new car, whether it’s this Honda Civic or something else, make sure you thoroughly check the car before taking its delivery and signing a release form.


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