More than 150 CNG stations close down their operations for good

15 26

‘Those who can afford petrol are blessed and lucky individuals’, words I have heard repeatedly as we come across the long queues of CNG, one cannot stop to thank God and take breath of sheer relaxation that we can, afford petrol.

But soon the weight will be transferring from one end to another, abruptly as we don’t see anyone, nor the oil companies neither the government preparing to control that sudden demand increase tenfold for petrol.

Out of 300 CNG conversion stations, over 150 CNG stations have decided to shut down their operations, once and for all as the CNG crisis continues move on.

The owners of conversion stations said that they tried to revive the CNG sector by cutting their profit margins in half, despite facing strict ban of the import of CNG kits and cylinders, but all their efforts after what they said ‘a fabricated CNG shortage’ went in vain.

They said the business of conversion stations had drastically declined as the consumers after CNG crisis were now reluctant to install conversion kits in their vehicles.

Moreover, before the crisis the stations used to sell 10 cng kits a day but ever since the crisis began, they are not even able to sell 10 kits in the whole month.

They said that after few cylinder blasts occurred, government officials performed surprise raids, which were solely aimed at getting bribes, and added that those officers after examining all legal documents used to threaten them for high penalties, if they refused to grease their palms.

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  1. Abdussamad Khan says

    CNG was a Valima, its firmly over now, my travel expenses have increased 4 times since moving to Petrol but I'm also saving 4-times the time, all commercial vehicles have been charging Petrol fares on CNG kits for ages now, further its strange how people can own vehicles 3-10 times as expensive as mine and still claim they can't "afford" CNG, all those Parados, Cruisers, Corollas and Civics in the CNG que makes me sick……

  2. Azhar Iqbal says

    I wish, Govt. ban CNG once and forever in all type of vehicles. I will also be victim of loss of my expensive cng kit and increase in running cost of my car but I am sure People will used to of Petrol and there are chances of gas at homes. I know Petrol will increase my budget but on the other hand will give me relaxation of being gas at home. Currently, I have to use alternative of everything thing at home, Electric geezer, electric heater, electric stove and so forth. I am happy to run my car on petrol, provided gas is available at home. Looking for betterment in this sector.

  3. Mansoor Mahmood says

    I agree!

  4. Zaigham Walayat says

    There are some real bitter facts but no government ever tried to fix. First of all, they issued plenty of licences to get their commision / oblige political affiliated persons without knowing balance gas reserves.
    Secondly, user are also betraying others while running their vehicles on CNG but charging fares equal to petrol, same time government was on rest Mode;.
    Thirdly ill planning and bad governance is the utmost factor. This will countinue to happen till the time we start implementation of laws equally for all to readdress our bad habbits.

    This is the time to please select good decision makers for our future let them not to play with our country. Wishing all the best for all, stay Blessed.

  5. Furqan Naveed Ahmed says

    You seem to be a jiyala of PPP .. duhh!!!…

  6. Ali Salman says

    every man thinks that the other person has a bigger car and doesnt deserve cng.. someone must be thinking after looking at your car.. the dude has more expensive car then me and still cant afford petrol hes making me sick…

  7. Fahad Aziz says

    4 words – Pak Iran Gas Pipeline.

  8. Waqar Bhatti says

    Instead of wishing ban on CNG, we may pray Govt. do something to be able to maintain pressure in lines.

  9. Azhar Iqbal says

    Waqar Bro..You are right , but its been almost 5 years now and we are almost hopeless and no use to expect something good from this govt. so ultimately wish, "something is better than thing".

  10. Abdussamad Khan says

    @ali salman dude I don't have a CNG car 🙂 sold it last year !

  11. Ch M. Laraib Ali says

    Its a great step to stop the damned cng.

  12. Qaiser Abbas says

    Dear All, every thing is available in Pakistan but we need to pray Allah to save us from the bribe taker persons those are enjoying and people of Pakistan are suffering.

  13. Qaiser Abbas says

    These crises were never appear in the 11 years of Musharaf Govt, why now it suddenly appears?????? Question mark for all of us???? Till when we become loyal to our country???

  14. Iqtidar Ali says

    Your proposition would be a good one if the crisis of CNG was a natural one, this is all a big game to sell more petrol and when CNG stations are closed for good believe me the gas crisis at home will still continue. $ came down, price of what thing came down? any idea? Cars got cheaper? Potato? my friend it's not that simple…

  15. Iqtidar Ali says

    Because people buy civics and corollas on bank financing,,, and after pyaing their installment and bills they cannot afford petrol,,,, Interest / Sood they pay and roam around in big haraam cars..

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