My Suzuki, My Story – Suzuki Pakistan Forges a Digital Legacy

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Remember My Suzuki My Story? We’ll give you a run-through of season 1 before we hop on to tell you about season 2.

Suzuki Pakistan has always been big about their customers and their love & loyalty to the brand. Being one of the earliest and biggest automobile players in Pakistan, Suzuki has built a legacy over the past 40 years, which has made it a household name. Almost everyone has their own story with Suzuki. The brand represents an essential feature in the story of an average Pakistani car owner, which became the key insight behind the idea of My Suzuki My Story. An innovative digital platform that revolved around the bond and affinity that the brand shares with its loyal customers through storytelling in the form of pictures, videos, narration and written stories.

What is Season 2 About?  

As we have previously covered MY SUZUKI MY STORY season 1, we’ll explain how season 2 was different and more innovative than season 1. After the first season’s success, Suzuki Pakistan decided to take the whole platform up a notch, and they definitely did. How? By diversifying the means of expression for its customers into categories, they could not only relate to but also had a knack for, as you’ll see in the videos.

Themes were art, music, food, travel and adventure; the brand knew exactly what would amplify their efforts and involved influential personalities from the digital world, each for their particular expertise. Irfan Junejo was a natural fit for the travel category, Ramish Safa pulled the audience closer to the platform through his art, Zenith Irfan hyped up the women and adventurers towards the competition, Abid Brohi was given the responsibility of catering the music theme and ‘Bros Meet The World’ were the right choice for food and travel category.

The brand wasn’t done here. To really elevate the competition, the upgrade to the grand prizes in this season did the rest of the trick and pulled in a flurry of participants as well as audiences. The brand really did raise the bar, going from 3 grand prizes (3 motorcycles) to multiple grand prizes (Alto660cc, Cultus, motorcycles and cash prizes). As soon as the submissions were open, people started giving in their stories in great numbers. Out of hundreds of entries, only 6 had to be shortlisted, a tough task for the brand to skim through so many quality entries, but it had to be done.

Carrying the platform on to season 2, Suzuki Pakistan became the first brand to have a digitally sustainable platform solely fueled by the user, another win on the side for the brand!

The Winners

After months of waiting, Suzuki Pakistan is now ready to announce the winners of MY SUZUKI MY STORY season 2 soon. Suzuki Pakistan documented the sentiments and stories of the shortlisted candidates; here’s one of the 6 candidates talking about their experience in MY SUZUKI MY STORY season 2.

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