NAB Begins Inquiry Against Toyota’s Dealership Salesman

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Today, NAB carried out a advertisement in local newspapers intimating the public about an inquiry started against Toyota Garden Motors, Lahore about a scam/fraud against the owners and the sales officer of that dealership. NAB states that the dealership’s owner and sales officers are allegedly involved ‘in cheating the public at large through receiving amounts for booking/sale of vehicles and embezzling the payments / amounts fraudulently’. Talking with the dealership’s CEO, it turned out that the dealership was wrongfully implicated in the scam run by one of its salespersons.

Upon further inquiry, we came to know the full extent of the fraud that is valued up to 6 crore rupees. Our sources told us that a sales officer found multiple investors who invested in 30 ex-stock Corolla vehicles, which were to be sold later on charging premium (ON). However, the sales officer got greedy and decided to keep it all to himself because the cars were not sold on the investor’s name neither were they booked on a single NIC (National Identity Card). They were in fact booked using various NICs leaving no proof for the investor to claim any of the vehicles were bought using their money.

For instance, if Mr. X is the person whose NIC was used to book a Corolla, using the money invested by Mr. C, the transaction was handled by Mr. 420 (sales officer). Mr. X has no idea that his NIC has been used to buy a car but the booking papers and NIC is on his name. The car arrives, Mr. 420 gets a buyer ‘Mr. K’, and he buys the vehicles submit his document to get the vehicle on their name but the payment check, instead of going to Mr. X’s name, is issued in an entirely different person’s name therefore, questioning the legitimacy of the transaction.

2014 Corolla Altis

We discussed it with a prominent dealer who explained that a vehicle registration book reads ‘Provincial Use Only’, it is what provides government with the required legislative power to revoke such fraudulent  transactions. The 30 or so vehicles that were sold of in the Garden Motors scam, all of them are going to be impounded as they hold no legal cover. The car is booked using Mr. X’s NIC and Mr. K issued the cash check on someone else’s name making it appear Mr. X never got the money.

So here’s an advice, whenever you’re buying a car, always issue the check to the name (account) of the person on whose name the car is. Never ever pay cash. So it’s a bona fide purchase. We also advice people to never transfer any token money online without going through all the vetting process that a careful buyer must do. Vehicle ads do pop up frequently wherein the seller says that they are in need of money urgently, so the car whose actual market value is say 100 Rupees, they’d let it go for just 70 Rupees because they need money. Obviously, a Vezel going for 5 lacs less than market value is a steal! The seller coerces the buyer into making an online deposit or EasyPaisa transfer of 1-2 lac rupees as token to hold the car for you until you arrange the rest and come over but the seller disappears into the rural areas or somewhere and its not worth the hassle to pursue him.


Khawaja Jehanzeb Saleh, CEO, Toyota Garden Motors said while speaking to and we quote;

It is very unfortunate that this incident occurred. Being an authorized Toyota dealership and doing business for the last 25 years, we cannot afford to jeopardize the trust of our customers at any cost. The tragic incident only took place between the fraudulent salesman, Taufiq Ahmad,  with connivance with greedy investors none of which were end customers and had personal working ties with him for the last couple of years. These investors did not  adopt company’s SOPs and also violated them for personal financial gains. None of these so called affectees, have our company’s official receipt with them since they never came to deposit their money at the company’s cash counter and handed it over to Taufiq (against his personal postdated cheques) who would lure them by offering shorter delivery lead times of 20-25 days as opposed to 4-5 months. We have also displayed boards, (both in Urdu and English) everywhere in the dealership, which intimates customers to only deposit their money strictly at cash counter and obtain the company’s official receipt. Most of these gentlemen are his first cousins who were hand in glove with Taufiq and  run a small showroom in Faisal town. We have not received a single penny in excess and have issued cars against the exact amounts we have received, details of which have also been handed over to the official authorities.  We truly believe that these investors/affectees are equally responsible for their misconduct and unethical practices and when people are rewarded for greed, then greed becomes the corrupting motivator. My advice to all the customers would be not to get direct/personal with any individual and only deal with the company to avoid such mishaps. Last but not the least, have your name written on your pay-order and always obtain company’s official receipt.  

Toyota Garden Motors was implicated in the scam on the grounds that the cars were sold from their dealership while none of the buyers had gone to the company’s cash counter to obtain the documents on their names legally. Rather, they were working with the sales guy and handed the bank drafts over to them against which the sales guy handed over fake receipts. The correct receipts were handed over to him when he submitted the check on the company’s cash counter as per the SOP to buy the ex-stock vehicles (those vehicles which are in the dealership’s inventory). Once his investors realized that they’ve been cut from the transaction with no proof of ownership on the vehicle, the influential bureaucrat involved NAB in the case.

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  1. Guest says

    The takeout from this article is that people fall victim to scams as a result of their own excessive greed, which is true in many cases. Pakistani public look for shortcuts (rick-quick), but they should know that the shortcut passes through that old graveyard where the ghosts would haunt them (classic plot of every horror movie). Another reason is the fear of doing things by the official method (or SOP), or some people actually take pride in breaking the system.

  2. aliqadri says

    Thanks to Allah – few more culprits got engaged with NAB. This might help to reduce OWN money to may be as low as 1%

  3. Guest again says

    Why don’t you wish for ON to be ended? Are you profiting from that 1% you’d rather prefer?

    As per the topic, the investors were not even routine investors. They were just some naive people who were looking to get rich quick.

  4. Salman Ahmed says

    On premium is as much crime as anything. The showroom employed him.all of them are responsible.

  5. adnan syed says

    I think in this case the big fish which is actually the owner of the dealership allowed to escape. And a salesman had made a scapegoat. How it is possible a dealer with 25 yrs of experience doesn’t know what us happening under his nose. We all know own price is directly offer to you at the dealership by their employees. And everyone knows who r the beneficiaries, obviously the dealers r involved in this mess, with no check nd balance from any where. Only an announcement own is illegal if anyone involved dealership has been cancelled. How many dealerships cancelled on this basis none. So enjoy its a fake case.

  6. Umar Pal says

    As far as I know the employee is corrupt and did this in his own personal capacity with the dealers. The dealership is blamed because it happened right under their nose.

  7. Aqeel Zia Nayyer says

    OWN is being charged in all of the countries where production of the car is delayed.

    even on ferrari and lambo. i have a program of Fifth gear in which wiki becomes a sales girl. they charge twice the invoice price of the car.

  8. Guest says

    PakWheels would benefit from better writers.

  9. Ahmed Hassan says

    I still don’t get how he pulled it off. I understand that a scammer that has a copy of my NIC can use it. But when you book a vehicle with Toyota, you need a DD or PO in favor of Toyota Indus. They don’t accept a check. Someone who has an old copy of my NIC still doesn’t have a DD or PO issued through my account.

    How were these cars booked in the first place using unmatched NIC & accounts?

  10. Sajawaal Ali says

    hi firstly investment as bussiness is no crime , why is toyota garden try to picture his investors as criminal ? second toyota garden just trying to put everything on his salesman and thats the point if his salesman cheated with customers than toyota garden is equally responsible thats the way it goes all around the wordls, toyota garden received money from mr X and deliver the car to mr Z, thats toyota garden responsibility to provide cars to original buyers , they were busy in making money and close their eyes from all other aspects of reponsibilities

  11. Sajawaal Ali says

    that a perfect scam planned by toyota garden , first they give access to his employee to every document , received payorders, booked a car, then sold these cars from their showroom, and consume the money ,

  12. Sajawaal Ali says

    thats the most accurate investigation , i like your approach thanks

  13. TARIQ MIR says

    i’ll tell you how he pulled it off. He was NOT acting alone.

    In my opinion, the directors and especially the accounts staff were involved.

  14. TARIQ MIR says

    If you follow this case with NAB you will see that many people gave cross cheques in favor Toyata Garden Motors. So how is this one employee gone rogue? the owners of Honda and their accounts staff were defiantly involved.

    Also the employee’s designation at Toyota Garden is “Dy Manager Marketing” …. not a salesman.

    Pakwheels should corroborate before publishing

  15. Sajawaal Ali says

    for your correction sir many people gave pay orders rather than cheques, by name of toyota gardens motors, they are definitly involve

  16. TARIQ MIR says

    Even more conclusive of the collusion. Indus Motors should take notice.

  17. adnan syed says

    Thanx bro for ur comments.

  18. Sajawaal Ali says

    employee must be corrupt but who employeed him ? who is responsible ? that|s the duty of toyota garden to take care of benefits of his customer > to have a good look on his employers whether they are not doing anything against the company laws, its the company who cashed the pay orders not their sale man

  19. Sajawaal Ali says

    most definatily sir
    i wonder why they are not taking any action to resolve this matter

  20. documentsforsell37 says

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  21. Husain says

    This ON business is a fraud. First of all Car should not be booked to a middle man. Do you know the auto makers are involved in this in hand with dealers. Indus motors is no. 1 in this On scam. In Saudi Arabia, Dubai and US, UK there is no ON, if car is not available just wait for the next shipment.Price is same. The Car makers purposely create shortage to make extra money in connivance with dealers.

  22. Bilal Ahmad Ghumman says

    What a pitty. NAB is conducting an inquiry against Toyota dealership for doing fraud valued up to 6 crore rupees only. Oh dear ! in future NAB will be charging against general public for crossing the red signal. I mean they have nothing to do. Or I don’t know. Read the last line. Self explanatory. HOW a bureaucrat got 6 crore. First NAB should investigate him that how did he get this huge amount while in service.
    یہاں میرے بھائی سب کچھ بکتا ہے۔

  23. TARIQ MIR says

    This will immensely damage Toyota’s reputation in Pakistan. Save your money everyone, go for a Honda.

  24. Sajid Khakwani says

    Oh shut the fuck off u moron, who started the investigation doesn’t matter.

    NAB is rightly looking into the matter

    Tum jaysay bharway cheezoan koa complicate karnay kee koashish kartay hain……. jab k muamla simple hai, K dealership fraud kar rahee hai, aur aysay bastards koa pakarna essential hai.

    As far as the corruption of the bureaucrats is concerned, that is a separate menace and should be dealt with separately !

  25. Bilal Ahmad Ghumman says

    Khakwani Sahib,
    Assalam O Alaikum,
    Dear you should learn to respect other opinions. Look at your language dear. No doubt it reflects nothing but frustration in you. Speaking like this shows nothing but your behaviour, and this behaviour defines the society. With such morals, you should only expect people like Toyota Garden.
    I can speak the same way you wrote, but what is the difference then. We always blame corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, but what we are. Every one here in Mr. 10% the only difference is that some got chance and some some don’t.
    So my dear, take a chill and think before you speak. Or otherwise show some respect for the Holy month.
    Take Care.

  26. Gulzar says

    investigations to be extended to its very last beneficiaries (manufacturers; why the hell they keep deposits for years if cheaters can’t meet the production targets) to get rid of this hell old cheating here in Pakistan; we all know that even the banks (or their Reps) are involved in shit ON Or OWN money while booking vehicles on lease, its an integrated network crime. We have a very corrupt system going on & unfortunately we all become part of it just to reap personal gains!
    Can’t we customers be sensible enough to don’t book the hell products if those are not being delivered as soon as the payments are made; after all its neither sugar nor the CNIC or passport to which we have been justifying our point for years to pay bribes against issuance!!

  27. Gulzar says

    I appreciate the positive reaction; its the real tolerance we need to demonstrate as a Muslim/human!

  28. adnan syed says

    Good reply. But i don’t get the point why he is so furious on the comment regarding beurocrat’s corruption what’s new in this. Its an open secret most of the beurocrat r corrupt.

  29. shahbaz says

    ma di puddii

  30. Foul mouth people are losers says

    Such foul language during Ramada… this guy must be an infidel

  31. Muhammad Uzair Bilal says

    Well, the OWN price is not that big of a problem than dealership not taking responsibility of something that happened right under their nose in their premises by their own staff. Who would have those affected people have gone to if NAB wouldn’t have taken the case? Even if the employee of dealership is a salesman, he is dealing with people on behalf of the company and nobody would believe that a salesman pulled off a scam involving multiple cars on his own and the people around him including the ones who signed his paychecks knew nothing about it. Dealership has only to say in its defense that the people who invested money did not come to the cash counters to deposit their money. Oh come on!. I sure hope and pray for the people who have been affected with this scandal that they get their hard earned money back. Making a short-term investment is not a bad idea at all but sometimes, the path is much difficult than thought.

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