NCP cars and the loss they inflict

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Most of the non-custom paid vehicles are brought from Japan to Afghanistan and then smuggled into Pakistan via different routes. The cost of these automobiles ranges from one-third to half of the actual price of the cars of the same make and model in the Pakistani market. These cars do not have documentation.

These cars are not cleared from government taxes. Government taxes on latest model cars are 200% of the original car price. This is a huge amount of money. For example a Mercedes C200 2014 model cost $35,800 in America. The government taxes would be $71,600 in Pakistan. The total cost of car in Pakistan would be RS1.05 crore. Whereas a Mercedes C200 two or three years old non custom paid would be around RS2million.

Most of the SUVs and luxury cars in Pakistan are non-custom paid. No one dares to stop them or impound their vehicles as they are influential people. Mostly, non custom paid in Pakistan are owned by customs officials, policemen and politicians. Every day a huge number of vehicles are smuggled in Pakistan.  There is no severe punishment which exists in the law against the vehicle smugglers as law allows only seizing of the smuggled vehicles.

Another type of non-custom paid cars includes the car whose chassis has been tampered. All SUVs consists of two portions: one is the body and other is the frame. People or car dealers buy old SUVs which cost them around one million rupees and put a body of newer model. These bodies are easily available from smugglers. This makes the car non custom paid as the custom of the body is not paid. However, Government cannot impound these cars. People get the vehicle registration book tampered which makes the car custom paid but still government can impound them as body change can be detected by matching of body, frame and engine with the record saved in the motor vehicle registration office. This type of tampering is very common. Almost all 9 out of  10 have been indulge in tampering.


The reason of keeping a non-custom paid car is that it costs very less from an original custom paid vehicle. There is no law or punishment on keeping a non-custom paid car instead of impounding the car.

Non customs paid cars are roaming in every city and on every road. There are hundreds of cars being sold on internet.  A 2005 model Land Cruiser is for sale for only RS2.2million and price is negotiable. You can easily get it for RS1.8million. Custom paid one will cost around RS7.0million. A Honda Accord Inspire 2005 model is being sold for RS0.8million, plus it is negotiable. This car has an original value of RS2.8million. These vehicles are delivered at your doorstep by the smugglers.

Police, government and custom official, all take their share on each non custom paid vehicle being sold. Smugglers bribe the government for selling each non custom paid car. Due to the corrupt system, it is very easy to smuggle and use non custom paid car.

People should realize the damage they are causing to the country by using non custom paid vehicle.

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  1. Taha Faiz says

    " RS1.05 Billion" your calculation is wrong as 1.05 billion pkr= 10,722,600 USD. Should be 10.5 million rupees.

  2. Muhammad Saad says

    The Customs should be lowered, The Price of the Car is increased by 200 % than the original price and there is nothing you can do about it, so the way i see it "A TOUR to Peshawar would be BETTER"
    And who would buy a Car worth 3 million for 9 million, with this kind of money i would prefer buying a locally available Corolla and a BIG ASS House TOO

  3. Bilal Alam says

    A piece of crap, the writer doesnt know sh*t about what he is writing neither does he know what a "billion" means– plus too many claims with any supporting / authentic stats I.e. "Most of the SUVs and luxury cars in Pakistan are non-custom paid" this implies that more than 50% of them are NCP, I don't think so. @pakwheels please improve quality of your blogs / articles –

  4. Naseem Haider says

    lol classic bizti 😀 m with you young man.

  5. Syed Taha Hussain Rizvi says

    Poorly presented article…
    Makes the normal civilian look like as if they are the criminal lmao? Damaging the state? what the heck you on about m8… we are the state… the government is supposed to make life easy for the common man not rape him in every imaginable way!
    Why the heck should we pay 3x-4x the car's normal price when those taxes reflect nothing back for the normal citizen…
    This country is run by Pharaohs… with laws mended in hell itself… we will rise against and cripple this system to the ground if we have to!
    NCP rides Zindabad!

  6. Abubakar Shaikh says

    RS1.05 Billion" go home u are drunk

  7. Malik Abdul Rehman says

    how many zeroes are the there in a billion…..can you get more stupid than this .hmmmmmmmmm…….let me think………..what about the editor who put this blog on pw

  8. Usman Hafeez says

    it should be have legal covering of body change as some have rusty body ..

  9. Afaq Hassan says

    all that bull shit he write there is a kind of jealousyyy fuckk u .fuckk the law .and if u r in mod of giving to much respect to pakistani law then go suck the DICK -!- of fucken asshole law .

  10. Hanbal Mehboob says

    is that justice to impose 200% tax on a vehicle, & you cant import an older vehicle. ''Almost all 9 out of 10 have been indulge in tampering" now I m worried about my suvs.. 🙁

  11. Ahsan Aslam says

    Pehle shak thaa lekin aaj yaqeen hogaya ke ye Pakwheels waley bhai koi extra farigh hein.

  12. Babar Naeem says

    me tooo

  13. Arshad Khan says

    Very nice article based on truth extreme strict laws with implementation is required we got 20 years experience in vehicles and its all happening mostly through tribal areas and areas adjacent to them and Afghanistan but on other side it also benefits effected people who got major accidents of their legalize tax paid vehicles and help them in body replacing in cheap price.

  14. Arshad Khan says

    Pakistan is the only country which is trapped by Toyota and Honda mafia their are much more better companies vehicles available in the world but not introduced in Pakistan and despite paying huge taxes in reward u got broken bumpy roads without signals every where.

  15. Arshad Khan says

    japan cars jeeps mostly tempered and meter is reversed u cant import latest as it is not allowed in Pakistan because Toyota and Honda mafia will not allow it who pay lot to corrupt bureaucracy and politicians.

  16. Wasim Pervez says

    Pakistan custom have pretty damn laws, which differ among influential and ordinary people,
    200% over genuine price,
    This is why there is no competition of automobiles in pakistan due to severe tax conditions,
    In india every year new models of cars, SUVs, and bikes unveiled, and lot of competition, because there are not loot taxes they want develop their country their low tax system invites many many companies,
    In our case same things since my childhood I have been listening honda 125, 125 just almost after 3 decades delux unveils,
    Here we have no choice but toyota and suzuki, you can't choose any more options because you are limited, only reason crul tax system on import,companies are not investing due to gambling unequal tax systems,
    (Pakistan zinda ba)

  17. Sadia Arif says

    hey stupid , duffer , dumb person what are you talking about you even don't know the difference between million and billon?? and you are discussing cars? you loser go to hell and search for a big and large dick , and then lick it ,this will make you satisfied! ediot!

  18. irshad ali says


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