NED Students make F1 SAE Car

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The hardworking students of NED University Karachi have, for the first time, developed a Formula One SAE car and have amazed the people. It is the first of its kind car developed by the students of a governmental university. The revealing ceremony was inaugurated by Governor Sindh Ishrat ul Ibaad on Tuesday. He appreciated the hard work put in by the students and the teachers of the university and wished them best of luck for the future.

This F1 SAE car will compete in a Formula SAE racing event to be held from 22nd to 25th July 2016 in Italy. The purpose of the event is to make the smaller cars, that have been developed as the Formula One cars, to compete with each other. Around 250 teams across the globe are taking part in the event including teams from the USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, Japan and Australia. Pakistani team will be competing under the leadership of Muhammad Ahsen Arshad and Muhammad Raffee.

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The car will be bearing number 70; a node to Pakistan’s 70 years since independence. Governor Sindh met with one of the NED university delegations and assured them his every possible support during the travel and lodging. A private company K-Electric is also financing the team.

The car has been built on international standards and regulations. The approximate expenditure on the preparation of the car is estimated at Rs. 2.3 million. Government Sindh played an important part in meeting the budget restrictions whereas the competition entry fee of $2000 and $4000 for the engine of the car were collected by the students on their own.

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  1. Bilal says

    it is not the first of its kind, Students of NED Automotive department has done it twice before that one. first ‘Formula Ned’ was made by Batch 2008-2009 and 2nd by batch 2009-2010 Named as ‘Formula Pakistan’ this is the 3rd one. Pakwheels editors should know that.

  2. Muneeb says

    Yes this is definitely the 3rd formula car made by NED automotive dept. Do some research before posting any article.

  3. Guest says

    The English in the article is ادھم:

    “governmental university”
    “revealing ceremony”
    “a private company K-Electric” (has been mentioned like nobody knows it, could have written as the sole electricity distributor or something)
    “Government Sindh”

    Poor coverage has ruined the good news.

    Hardworking Pakistani students belonging to NED University and to other universities have many achievements, the only people who have been amazed are possibly a few people who do not even properly write, neither conduct proper journalistic research before publishing. What does it take to go back and check your own blog?

    Can anybody understand the sentence about the “budget restrictions”?

  4. Muhammad Rizwan says

    why didn’t u published this? u r checking english mistakes but actual thing is the news.when u people will get out of english slavery?

  5. Guest says

    Because proofreading is my strength.

    Publishing is not my strength, so I do not take writing assignments. I have the courage to pursue what is suited for me, and the courage to excuse myself from the tasks which I cannot fulfill to a certain degree of quality.

    Your concept of “getting out of English slavery”: Using grammarless, typo ridden language is a sign of defiance?

    I agree the actual thing is the news but it is not what is said, it is how it is said.
    That meaningless nonsense about “budget restrictions” is not even a sentence. It is just a jumble of words. The definition of sentence in the dictionary is “a meaningful collection of words arranged together to deliver a message”. If the collection of words is not meaningful, it does not qualify to be a sentence.

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