New car prices increased a total of three times in 2013

For a total of three time, new car makers raised the prices of their vehicle a total of three times during the year 2013. The prices increase by the automakers affected their performance as well since buyers suffered due to the exorbitant price increased and the reduction of the age of imported cars.

The main reason automakers gave for the increase in price was the weakening rupee against US Dollar and Japanese Yen.

Automakers turned a blind eye toward the main need of the country by not introducing any small car below the 1000cc segment by exploiting government’s apathetic behavior towards them.

Pak Suzuki increased prices by 40,000 to 90,000 rupees on various models which is 3.15% to 6.09% meanwhile Indus Motors was the leader in increase in price with 1.73% to 23.5% whereas Honda Atlas increased its price by 3.34% to 4.2%.



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