New cars delivery time shortens after ban on non-filers

The delivery time of some of the cars in the local industry has been reduced to two-thirds, after the government barred non-filers from buying or importing any vehicle from 1 July 2018. The action of prohibiting non-filer was taken to encourage them to become active tax filers and also to facilitate the existing filers.

The main reason why the delivery time has decreased is the fact that many people buying cars belongs to the non-filer class and as car manufacturers halted booking for non-filers from July 2018, the waiting time to get the car has reduced. However, the auto industry fears that the booking number of new vehicles will continue to go down and their sales will drop if the government doesn’t allow non-filers to purchase the vehicle.

The same was asserted by the CEO Toyota Indus Motor Mr. Ali Asghar Jamali. He said that 60 percent of their buyers are non-filers and if they are barred from purchasing a car, the sales will drop sharply.

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The delivery time of Wagon R has been reduced by one month, as previously one has to wait for five months to get their hands on Wagon R, but now as per ET, the time has been reduced to four months. However, the other Pak Suzuki products such as Cultus, Bolan and Ravi, are still handed over to customers in 90 days period.

Another reason why the delivery timing of Wagon R has been decreased is the government’s decision to reopen the import of cars, which was halted by the government itself to curb the trade deficit, this phenomenon boosted the demand of Wagon R, and the company had to suspend its bookings.

Aside from Pak Suzuki, local Toyota dealers have also said that due to banning non-filers from purchasing cars, the delivery time has come down sharply. The delivery time of Toyota Revo and Fortuner has dropped to one month, which was previously being shipped to customers in four to five months.

Some analysts are of the view that non-filers issue will bring down the sales of local automakers. Tell us what you think about this issue in the comments section below.

Notable Replies

  1. How on earth someone holding a responsible position, like CEO of IMC can pass such a comment!! Did he forget that the cheapest car IMC produces is of almost PKR. 2 million.. If a person have that much money to buy the car, why the hell can't he become a filer. Terribly, corrupt thinking.

    In my opinion, regardless, whatever happens to the sales figures of these automotive companies, this ban must not be overturned.

    It is very simple, if you want to buy a car, become a tax-payer. Show your money trail, buy the car.

  2. when the federal setup changes & the new Govt is sworn in, am sure taxation regime will be more muscular the so called AGRI INCOME class (4 marla zameen producing podina from bagh annual income 40 million TAX FREE )

    (8 buffalos owner producing milk gujar doodh wala declaring 120 million TAX FREE ) will be on knees to become a filers.

    The change is for GOOD Pay Tax if you wish to enjoy a new car every year, wish to move from rural to urban locality buying a property pay Tax. Taxation is for benefit of people to build roads, dams, set up new power plant and expansion of basic health & immunization facility towards rural areas.

  3. seems great !! but still own/premium money is still high !! and Showrooms/Dealer aren't happy with government barred non-filers from buying New Cars

  4. aa78 says:

    Excellent. The earlier the delivery of cars to legitimate buyers, the better.

    As a next step, dealership agents/owners buying cars for selling on premium must also be barred from booking cars bringing delivery time to half of what it previously was.

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