New Renders Of 10th Generation Honda Civic Surfaces

Over the past few weeks, we’ve got plenty of development on the arrival of 10th generation Honda Civic, which picked up pace after patent images of the car were leaked online. The leaked images show definitive shape, size and configuration of body of the upcoming vehicle in the shades of black, white and grey.

I am amongst those who cannot visualize a car properly from the sketches and patent images; I need color, lights and shadows. Luckily for me, there are people on the internet who want to make my life easier, and yours too. CARPLACE, a Brazilian auto website recently released some renders made by 3D designer Du Oliveira from the patent images. The 3D renders clearly show the upcoming Civic in intricate details which allow us to see the shadows and light play their game on Civic’s metal works. The renders also reveal the curves and boldness of the design in a better manner.

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The 9th generation Civic was not received very well globally which forced Honda to make a drastic changes to the design. The 10th generation Civic looks more mature and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Gone are the days when Civic had a boy racer image to it. The upcoming Civic will be a game changer for Honda.

Enjoy the photos below and let us know what you think about the upcoming Civic in the comments section.

10th Generation Honda Civic Renders PakWheels (5)

10th Generation Honda Civic Renders PakWheels (6)

10th Generation Honda Civic Renders PakWheels (4)

10th Generation Honda Civic Renders PakWheels (2)

10th Generation Honda Civic Renders PakWheels (3)


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Fahad Ullah

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  • Muhammad Faid

    nyc…but style of light not shape it look like mixture of present civic and corolla

  • Zain Zia

    any news about new shape of city launch?

  • Muizz

    pretty sporty like Audi’s sportback models

  • Khurram Altaf

    Finally a hood..not a proper one but a hood nevertheless.

    1 set of double wishbones please..

  • asghar ali khan

    thanks for pakwheel a good news , my suggestion is said given honda Civic model is AMAZING & EYE ATTRACTIVE. I also congratulate to Honda Company for announcing great model. No doubt this model becomes very successful in future . please comes to reduce the price.


    asghar ali khan baloch

  • Usman

    It looks good but the rear is a little awkward may be it change on production version.

  • usman

    Beautiful car for sure. Love it.

  • Baber

    I see cues from the current 3 Series when you look at it from the side.

  • Why do most cars have fuggly butts? Don’t they know how obsessed a man can be about that part?!

  • abdullah

    wow stunning car……fahad bhai can u give a rough estimate of the base model price in Pakistan…..and when would it get launched……i want to make a savings plan to buy this beauty when its launched 😉

  • Heder Aziz

    Some say that this time, VTEC kicks in much more early than it did in the 9th Gen 😛

  • I have a feeling it would cost a north of 2.5 million when it launches in 2017 in Pakistan.

  • This time around, we are hearing voices of a 1.5 turbocharged engine along with a VTAAAAKKKKK 😛

  • umair

    this car will be the best honda civic

  • what would be the approximate price of this luxury?

  • GP

    Rear View looks ugly

  • Alpha Bravo

    around 28

  • Zia Ud-din

    I am lover of Honda civic my friend in job Honda company he say me Honda lunch October this year and I am ready to purchase this model, you confirm correctly date and year.