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Suzuki Motor Corporation has launched the all new Suzuki Alto 2015 minicar in Japan on 22 December, 2014. Interestingly this is the 8th generation of the Suzuki Alto. Suzuki Alto was first introduced back in early 1979 as city utility car. Since then, Suzuki Alto is favored by customers who are looking for a small car for commuting and it is evident from the fact that Suzuki Alto has Japan’s domestic sales of 4.8 Million units.

The new Suzuki Alto is bringing in a lot of retro looks with large headlights. Alto will be available in 12 different color options. There are not many attractive features when it comes to exterior, but Suzuki has done a lot under the skin. Around 60kg of weight is reduced by implementation of the new platform and lighter but stronger materials. Alto is powered by Suzuki’s famous 660CC  three-cylinder engine with a fuel consumption of 37 km/L. There will be options for both naturally aspirated or turbocharged engine depending on trim levels with a 5-speed manual or a CVT transmission.

Standard safety features include seat-belt reminder on both driver and front passenger seats. Suzuki Alto will also be equipped with Hill Hold Control, which prevents the car from slopping down on inclines. Electronic Stability Control will also be standard across all the variants. Interior wise nothing much can be said. Simple retro interior with two-tone dashboard. Suzuki Alto comes with  features like all powered windows, manual or even automatic air conditioning, cup holders, start-stop button, keyless entry, heated front seats, electric mirrors and a sound system with AUX-IN. Base price of Suzuki Alto with the current exchange rate stands at 840,000 JPY (700,000 PKR). Keep in mind that this price is ex-Japan and not the Suzuki Alto price in Pakistan. Overall the new Suzuki Alto 2015 is the latest addition into the Kei car segment and will sell in the numbers like it used to sell in the past.






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  1. Babar says

    ugly shape,back is inspired from suzuki pickup or photohar, interior seems better

  2. hassan rasheedh says

    if lauch in pakistan paksuzuki will rip all basic features like power steering,windows mirrors forget about hill control and elec stability etc etc and that too at base cost of 11 lac

  3. ali says


  4. Ammar says

    37km/L. DAFUQ

  5. ali says

    i want to buy this car how can i contact ? piease tell me sir

  6. Ahmed.S says

    This is Awesome!!! especially at that price……….which probably wont be in pk

  7. Safi Ur Rehman says

    A perfect car if delivered with the same features and price mentioned above. It would affect sales of suzuki mehran and even cultus because of its features. 37 Km/Litre is more than enough, mileage is almost comparable to CD70.

  8. usman ahmed says

    i guess i have only liked it from the inside 🙂 rest i think they have hired the engineer who designed Adam Revo, lol

  9. Azi says

    Poop from PS

  10. Boyesa says

    Suzuki has habit of launching one good model followed by one ugly model 😛

  11. Shaf Younus says

    Are You kidding me? -_- #RIPAlto

  12. Muddassir Saleem says

    More ugly than the Pontiac Aztec..

  13. ali says

    im agree with you, mager kup ta aiga ya car market may

  14. Cyber Inn says

    Very good feul consumption

  15. Saboor Ali says

    all previous gen of alto were beatiful

  16. Farhan Akram says

    Both Suzuki Pickup and potohar are PKDM cars, How can you think that Japs will copy a car which they made back in 90s?

  17. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    it is mentioned that the design cues of this car are retro(classic, old), suzuki pickup and potohar both aren’t Pakistan only cars but sold in international markets as well under the name of suzuki carry and suzuki samurai. the front grill is like a mehran and design of headlight is a combo of alto(pkdm) and mehran’s headlights.

  18. Fahad Riaz says

    kinna funkey car with good specs

  19. Seth Arain says

    looks like new model of mehran 2016

  20. NAEEM QURESHI says

    What is its price?
    Is it Pakistan made or imported one from Japan?

  21. tauqeer says

    whats tha price

  22. Fred Smith says

    When Suzukis were sold in the United States, at one time I was one of the Top 20 Suzuki salespeople in all of the US, and I enjoyed not only selling but owning and driving Suzukis. If this car was sold in the US, I would buy one in a heartbeat!

  23. BULEDI says


  24. Nadia Butt says

    Yh gadi pk mn kb aay g????

  25. Adnan says

    Hum ma lale ha but this price is wrong they get 1110000 rupes and fuel consumption is realy realy good or comfortibal to bhot ha like GLi

  26. Osman Mazhar says

    Is the drive of this car better than Mira ES?

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