New Toyota Corolla expected to launch in 2014 in Pakistan

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We first reported that Indus Motors’ is working on towards assembling Toyota Fortuner locally and it is expected to launch in the first week of March 2013.

Although locally assembled Toyota Hilux was significantly cheaper then the imported one, however those who had the opportunity to drive both of the vehicles, imported and locally built were quite disappointed in the locally assembled one.

Indus Motors have been selling the Fortuner through importing for a little while now so the same comparison against locally built and imported one shall be made and given the quality reputation of local cars, we’ll not be the one to draw the swords first.

But in between the launch speculations and press releases, The Nation reports that Indus Motors is injecting more capital in its plant during the period of 2013-14 which will be 6 billion Pakistani Rupees and is mainly for the new model of Toyota Corolla expected next year.

Pictures of the 2014 Corolla were first leaked in January of this year and earlier this month, the whole car leaked on the web which you can see here. And if you can be patient an year, then you can see the new model next year personally here in Pakistan.


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  1. Saad Siddique says

    Looks better than current model.

  2. Abdul Majid Mehmood says

    Wow now it will give atlas honda tought time.

  3. Amer Saeed says

    Seems a match to Honda but will depend upon the price I hope they do not raise it like Honda.

  4. Muzafar Iqbal says

    So Nice Car.

  5. Waqas Bettani says

    matches honda

  6. Ghayoor Naqvi says

    waooooooooooooo its aswommmmmm.

  7. Siddique Hassan says

    Let's see. Quality should be there.

  8. Xaifi Khan says

    sexiest of toyota till date.

  9. Ali Khan says

    it looks like a carban copy of Honda.

  10. Syed Muzammil Kazmi says

    looking at the market trend, Pakistani models follow the north American market. This shape is somewhat Australian based. Toyota announced that it will soon be looking to launch the all new Corolla with a new passion and importance. And they debut the car in Chicago auto show calling it the Toyota Furia Corolla. You can look at the pictures here where I read the article.

    I think we will get a model similar to that in USA since our country follows the north American market…

  11. Mobi Khan says


  12. Moeed Khan says


  13. Chaudhary Javed Iqbal says

    I like it.
    it is very beautiful.

  14. Salman Moeen Chishti says

    looking nice car.

  15. Baba Khan says

    its beater than honda civic its so beauteful.

  16. Imran Afridi says

    honda ki nakal.

  17. Imran Afridi says

    another fail shape :s.

  18. Atif Khan says

    copy of honda.

  19. Meerza R Khan says

    Rather a belated copy

  20. Muhammad Mateen Tahir says

    I can bet, yah corolla aglay 20yrs may b nae naay wali, sab rumors hain yar, wait till 2014, aor 2008 may b kch aisi he piks daykhi thi new corolla ki per nikli koi aor.

  21. Azhar Mehdi says

    appears like honda.

  22. Seher Khan says


  23. Naeem Abbas says


  24. Mona Khan says


  25. Tariq Khattak says

    Looks nice but I am afraid the cost would be very high. My guess for 2.0 Million and above.

  26. Umair Hassan says

    Its look like a copy of Honda…

  27. Fahad Sattar says

    now that is being copied from the kia and hyundai cars…. like accent optima infact the new accord is in style of sonata etc.

  28. Mahmood Raj Raj says

    much more butter than new HONDA civic 😀 😀
    if this is not fake :O

  29. Saqlain Saidhi says

    Looks like Honda accord.

  30. Shareh Butt says

    pak ma itni low profile gariii nae chal sktiii….but still beautifulll

  31. Sulaiman Lalani says

    why don't toyota stops making corollas & change the name or ends the series & reborn with a new name.

  32. Arsalan Ilahi says

    you guys on weed ? check the whole current manufacture line of honda nothing is as good looking as this.. you and the designers at honda , both are stoned

  33. Fouad Dar says

    XLI 2 Million?

  34. Sheraz Khan Malik says

    hpe dey put a freakinnnn immobilizer in this one……

  35. R Rajpoot Rajpoot says

    bater than perviece modle but look likes hondy city from front but beter from behaiend than city.

  36. Imran Afzal says

    style is good, lets see its drive, suspension and road grip.

  37. Chaudhary Saad Nawaz says

    Arsalan Ilahi corolla can never compete with honda city or civic.. honda cars are born for performance !! let the track decide who is ahead..!! corolla is just a piece of crap offense..

  38. Umair Khalid says

    Dude! Neither Corolla or Civic is for track. Seriously? I don't know what's wrong with our nation. They are just normal daily commuters. You sit in them, get to your location and that's it. Nothing special about them both. If you really think them as track cars, you really need to step up your game mate.

  39. Imran Khan says
  40. Imran Khan says
  41. Zahir Shah says

    I like it very much must be launched will be apprecaited.

  42. Furqan Shahid says

    great look

  43. Usman Memon says

    This 1 looks gud coz it's imported let's c wht shit Toyota Indus brings

  44. Danyal Tarar says

    Disagree. No car can compete with indus shape.!

  45. Syed Ahmed Zain Zia says

    interior pictures?

  46. Waqar Memon says

    copy paste of Hondai elentra and honda….

  47. Umar Saleem Ahmad says

    hope toyota indus match quality with japan and pressurise toyota japan upon quality issues.

  48. Umar Saleem Ahmad says

    car should feel solid and with 2.0 engines.

  49. أليخاندرا أليخاندرا says

    yooooooo old friend

  50. Uzair Turk says

    Nice cAr cUrrent model.

  51. Raozubair Asghar says


  52. Shehrzad Aamir says

    Osome kabi to kisi chess ko apprishade karo bawakuf pakistanio

  53. Zahid Ali Rind says

    decent modle and nice style

  54. Muhammed Aslam says

    corolla 2014 look dashing.

  55. Ahsan Khan says

    aakheeeeeerrrrrrrr model ha,, kia sexy awesome grace ha yar,, love this shape.

  56. Ahmed Bilal says


  57. Rahim Shah says

    poor model, almost same to honda.

  58. Ali Chohan says

    copy of honda city in front.

  59. Saqib Abbas says

    copy of honda reborn.

  60. Dil Subhani says

    very 9ic shyp>/.

  61. Raja Faiz says

    Copy Mari he MgerKaw Chala Hans Ki Ch

  62. Zaeem Ahmed says

    look better but the copy ov honda civic.

  63. Hassan Tariq says


  64. Tanveer Hussain says

    raja g kader hoo

  65. Inam Mughal says

    hmmm Good but Not like new Honda nd Camry ;).

  66. Hum Tum says

    I like this,,,,,

  67. Mian Salman says

    is there anybody knows about its price xli or gli?

  68. Sgul Khalil says

    so sweet

  69. Chaudhary Faisal says

    copy of honda bt nice car.

  70. MuhaMmad KhaTtak says

    nice nd better then current model.current model s flop one bt we wish ths one better.

  71. Javed Javed says

    Very nice shape & good looking

  72. Naveed Rao says


  73. Haider Ali says

    This car is nice in shape then the previous one

  74. Fakhar Imtiaz says

    I love toyota and it is better nice change in shape.

  75. Mohammad Siddique Allai says

    zabarast good looking.

    zabardast nice car.

  76. Ch Asjad Ashraf says

    Bes jo b hai ise ab launch go Jana chahiye 😛

  77. Zubair Mir says

    the front view of the car is same to th new corolla axio model 2012 the interior looks the same while the back view is changed,, also they will raise the price too…..bcoz its pakistan………hmmmmmmm.

    the price of evrything rises,,,,,,

  78. Adnan Wattoo says

    This car will very famous in future

  79. Rashid Ayub says

    any idea about price,,, mail me at [email protected].

  80. Jawad Akbar Sial says

    so nice model.

  81. Mian Shahid Ali says

    looks better ful.

  82. Owais Tahir says

    yahan daikh lay

  83. Zunair CH says

    so nice car.

  84. Usman Shar says

    is this real that this is the new model of toyota corolla.

  85. Usman Shar says

    but lets see what price for this car toyota guess.

  86. Ali Hussain says

    Honda btr 4 corolla

  87. Abdul Manan says

    yr kamal cheez ha GLI.

  88. Abdul Manan says

    yr yea to honda Accord k mukable par ha.

  89. Amit Kumar says

    very nice design,

  90. Ali Raza says

    GR8 Car bt look price when in market

  91. Ali Raza says

    Really Gr8 car in new model But look price when it launch in market.

  92. Nomi Ahmad says

    can never compete Honda civic reborn, and surely civic has awesome speed and suspension and road grip.

  93. Chan Peer Shah says

    MASHAALLAH bht khub ALLAH phly ki tarah kamyab kary or toyota ko or tarki day, ameen.

  94. Malik Naeem Abbas Awan says

    nice looking car.

  95. Anonymous says

    good car

  96. Amna Ansari says

    breaks problem in xli.

  97. Ali Shahzeb says

    Copy of Honda… but a good one!

  98. Shahid Ali Keerio says

    wow niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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