NEW YEAR SALE-Get Up to 60% Off on Auto Parts, Accessories

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PakWheels is back with another exciting New Year Sale on different auto parts and accessories, right at the start of 2021. You can get up to 60% off on different products on PakWheels Auto Store. More importantly, you will receive these accessories right at your front door. So, without wasting any time, visit and acquire following items.

Sogo Portable Car Heater:

The winters are here and it may become very difficult to drive or travel in a cold car. To resolve this serious issue, we have brought Sogo Portable Car Heater. This 12V heater will make your drive very comfortable and you can take it with you to any other vehicle. With 60% discount, you can buy this heater in only Rs1,399, against its original price of Rs3,500.

Portable Heater

Slime Safety Spair Emergency Flat Tire Repair:

Evident from its name, this Emergency Flat Tire Repair Air Compressor is the product you need in the time of need. This compressor will repair your flat tire within 7 minutes and its Slime Sealant fix the punctures up to 1/4-inch in size. The old price of this item was Rs11,500, however after 30% off, you can buy it in only Rs8,000.

Emergency Compressor

Tonyin Gold 7 in 1 Complete Car Care Bundle:

If you want to keep your car squeaky clean and shinning, this Gold 7 in 1 Complete Car Care Bundle is for you. The pack includes a shampoo, tire gel, glass cleaner and microfiber cleaner. This product will help you clean your car from outside as well as inside. After a discount of 25%, you can own this product in only Rs3,800 against its original rate of Rs5,100

. Cleaning Pack


Steel Mate Portable Smart Handy Car Air:


This all in one Steel Mate Portable Handy Car Air ensures car tire repair with one simple press. The portable tire inflator with a compact design makes it easy to lift and carry around.  You can keep this mini air compressor in your car trunk and use it anytime you need. The original rate of this product was Rs6,499, but after a massive 58% discount, you can buy it in only Rs2,750.

Car tire repair

ABRO Undercoating Spray:

If you own a relatively old car  and it is facing rust or corrosion on different parts, this new year sale has brought an excellent product. You just simply has to spray this ABRO Undercoating spray on the said part of the car, and it will give immediate results. It will stop the rust, corrosion and road noises inside your car. You can be an owner of this excellent product in only Rs1,350, as we are offering 33% off on the product against it old price of Rs1,999.

Coating Spray

LIQUI MOLY Fuel Injection Cleaner:

This Injection Cleaner is highly effective combination of active agents for cleaning and protection. This product is developed in accordance with the latest standards of fuel and additive technology and meets the requirements of today’s engines, fuels and running conditions. Furthermore, it is suitable for all gasoline fuel injection systems. After 18% discount, you can buy it in only Rs1,550 against its old price of Rs1,900.

Injection Cleaner

Maxxis High Quality Snail Car Horn:

On jampacked roads of Pakistan, especially in big cities, the horn is an essential. We have brought an excellent High Quality Snail Car Horn for you. This one will make you help in driving by clearing the way for you. This 12V horn is long lasting and after 40% off, you can purchase it in only Rs1,250, comparing to its old price of Rs2,100.

Snail Horn


Universal Car Bicycle Carry Hanging Stand:

Along with a car lover, if you are also a cycling enthusiasts but face difficulty in taking your bicycle to far areas, we have brought an excellent product for you. You can attach this Universal Car Bicycle Carry Hanging Stand with your car’s trunk and carry your bicycle anywhere you want. Its old price was Rs8,199, but we are offering a 33% discount on it, hence, you can buy it in only Rs5,500.

Bicycle Stand


Portable Handy Car Polisher Machine:

You want a shiny and clean exterior of your car, but you don’t have time to visit service station? don’t worry, we got your back in this new year sale. This Portable Car Polisher Machine will make the body of your car like new, as it is very easy to use and handle. With 25% off, you can buy this machine in only Rs2,999 against its old rate of Rs4,000.

Portable Car Polisher

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