Next Tata Nano will not be the world’s cheapest car

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Tata Nano has been the world’s cheapest car and all the hype that surrounded it before it’s launch was due to it’s price. Mr. Ratan Tata aim to give people 4-doors and 5-seating arrangement instead of opting for price but company insiders reveal that the car’s sales has been sluggish and may soon be offered with 800cc engines instead of 624cc and will be priced around 2.5 lacs Indian Rupees.

In November this year, Tata was only able to sale 3,500 units instead of the planned target of 10,000 units a month.

The 624cc will not go out of show and the company will keep it in production, the 800cc variant will be introduced within 12 months according to company insiders who further said that the new variant will compete against the likes of Hyundai Eon and the Maruti Alto.

Tata Group Chairman, Ratan Tata said that Tata Nano, is being ‘refreshed’ to realize its full potential. “We were not prepared to market the car as we should have. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that momentum got lost,” he told PTI in an interview.

He listed out the reasons due to which Nano, nick-named ‘The people’s car’, could not realise its full potential as the momentum got lost in initial years due to issues like plant transfer and insufficient advertising campaign and dealership network.

Asked whether these issues are being addressed, Tata said, “It is being addressed now and I think we will succeed. It is a three-four year old product (and) we have to do something to refresh the product, which we are also doing.”

Alongside the 800cc petrol engine, diesel and CNG is also being considered.

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  1. Khan Muhammad Bilal Ctu says

    Pakistan export karan shuru kardoo, Mehran ki to lagjaeigii.'

  2. Syed Kaleemullah Bukhari says

    per mehran apni desi gadi hy 😛

  3. Shay Rose Ansari says

    why tata dnt export to pakistan?

  4. Ammar Afzal says


  5. Euroslim Slimming says

    There is no such trade agreement between Pakistan & india.
    Any how I have seen its production documentry on discovery and impressed from their attitude to work.

  6. Naveed Ahmed says

    pakistan jago ab kuch kro jan churao 6 lakh di mehran ton.

  7. Crystal Hear says


  8. Khan Muhammad Bilal Ctu says

    Yes i know,but if Tata nano is introduced in Pakistan i would be the very first one to buy it,

  9. Irfan Shah says

    Its high time Pak people should opt for gud options, m amazed to see Suzuki following the same design since 1989 for Mehran! dats totally Ridiculous and on top prices hike every now and then…

  10. Azeem Rock says

    suzuki wagon r best car for family why suzuki import this car from india its too cheap if import form india 3.51 to 4.38 lac new car of 2013 and Aulto 800cc 2.41 to 3.44 lac in Indian Rupees.

  11. Asad Masood says

    Go Hybrid.. 😀

  12. Ali Mujtaba says

    Even though a good car but, as a Pakistani, I wouldn't want to spend my money that will eventually contribute TO the company registered in a country that is responsible for all the mayhem, terrorism in Pakistan. Thanks but no thanks!

  13. Shoaib Ali says

    pakistan aye to 5 lac ki hoge yeh bhe

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